Pleas Why was this rejected?


I’m reaching out because my recent PokeStop nomination was rejected, and I’d like to understand the reasons behind this decision. Could you please provide information on the specific criteria that were not met in my submission? I’m committed to improving my future proposals based on your feedback.

Thank you in advance for your assistance and time.

It looks more like a few tiles you can buy at a shop rather than something interesting and creative :slight_smile:

I’ve had mosaics accepted and they can be good but they had an artists name and a story behind them.

A while back, sorry I can’t remember if it was you, someone asked to help out with reviews in Algeria. I set my bonus location to there and to be honest about 75% of things I reviewed were not great, street signs etc and the descriptions/support didn’t help much either.

There was some amazing submissions but they were definitely outweighed by the lower quality submissions.

Do you have a group/chat room where you could ask each other and try to improve your submissions? I’m sure the amazing stuff would become 90% and the lesser stuff 10% if you could share ideas with each other.

Netherlands people you can stop reading. None of this applies to you.

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I’ve had a less special mosaic artwork accepted, it’s outside a tile shop. So they don’t always need to be credited to an artist etc, although that information would help.

The one I submitted is in what was at the time a really sparse area for waypoints, mostly residential with a few shops, so to be fair it does stand out in this area quite well.

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Those are beautiful!

They are well done but unfortunately both within 20m of information boards :frowning:

I wanted to express my heartfelt thanks for your invaluable assistance regarding the Tizi Ouzou region. Thanks to your support and expertise, we have gone from 1 POI to over 75 and now have more than 16 arenas. Your contribution has been invaluable and has made a significant impact on our community. Thank you so much for your generosity and dedication.

Warm regards,


Aww, shame! Especially as these would be much more interesting to see in game. Especially in Pokémon Go where you can send gifts and add matching stickers.


Wow, that’s fantastic you’ve managed to add so many! Congratulations to you as well for doing the successful submissions

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I’m not sure about expertise but thanks :wink:

Well done on the new additions.

The good nominations were fantastic. It’s interesting to see something different to trailmarkers and postboxes :slight_smile:

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The selection process is flawed at best. I have made several suggestions that match other accepted proposals, yet they get categorically rejected FOR NO APPARENT LOGICAL REASON.

That’s just how this effed up community works, live with it.

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Just remember, if it’s on the map currently. That doesn’t mean it meets current criteria.