Please help - how would you improve this submission?

In my appeal to Niantic I went into huge detail about it being part of the business premises, who the business is, and exactly who can access it. I didn’t do that on my original entry, because anything I have submitted that mentioned the business in it somewhere was rejected for generic business, even though it wasn’t the business I was nominating. Examples:

A piece or unique artwork located in our “Theatre kitchen” - a state of the art kitchen area used for cooking together as teams or with visitors to showcase our products.

The signage for the Pet Centre - it certainly isn’t a generic business as I believe it’s the only research centre in the world where the animals are considered (and treated like) pets.

A new internal garden area that was created with the sole purpose of allowing associates to break from their desks and sit in the “garden” with colleagues for a drink and catch up etc.

So based on all of those being rejected for generic business I chose not to mention it, as it seems to detract away from what the nomination is actually for.