Should I nomimate this again

52.955110,-1.162431 if anybody wants to look but its far away from street view so you can only see a blur of the green sign as you can see on the third photo. Im saying this because it got rejected for being private property in 2023

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Is it private property? If it’s on the fence of a private property that would make it ineligible. It might still be accepted though. The best path to getting this approved would be to find out who owns the area beyond the fence and explain how it is at least somewhat accessible to the public. They are inviting you to come and admire their plants. So it’s definitely worth a shot. If you want to appeal to Niantic you could also argue that it would be an interesting habitat in Peridot. :sunglasses:

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It’s a long meadow on top of a wall owned by the council. The wall isn’t connected to a house or someones property, it’s a boundary marker for a old deer hunting ground thats now one big gated housing estate built between 1829 and 1918. The public can enter but only on foot

I’ve tried submitting re-wilding signs before, they were all rejected. But personally I would have accepted this, as I love looking at wildflower meadows and spotting all the insects that visit. I think its a good place to explore.

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If I saw the sign I would take a detour to walk through which makes it acceptable to me.

I think this was Emily and I guess it does have Kingston on it but what it does is not any different from yours


Wow this is a tough one - it’s so borderline between an educational info sign compared to a “sign with not much value” (because it’s all mostly words)

I would try again and maybe other communities would accept - but honestly if this same sign is all over the trail it’s probably not distinct then :+1:t2:

I would not say the sign is the important part, the wildflower habitat is, but the sign is just the thing we submit because otherwise we get things rejected for being a natural feature

Therefore the quality of the sign isnt really the point of it for me


It ends with an invitation to explore (just don’t pick the flowers). I think it’s great!


I think it’s a great place to explore. If I saw that sign in person or saw the wayspot on my map I would definitely detour there. I echo what many others have replied as well. Maybe try a slightly different photo angle to showcase more of the meadow in addition to the sign. State in your description and/or supporting info about how it’s council owned and therefore public, maybe a link in the support if you can find one. Also talk about what makes it so great for exploring.