POI removed after location edit

The POI was a memorial plaque of local 19th century writer. But this wayspot was misplaced, probably to make it visible in Pokemon Go.
I did location >10 meters edit via Wayfarer support chat and specified correct location with proofs from google street view. Niantic responded that they moved wayspot to correct location. But POI disappeared from all games: no pokestop and no portal in ingress anymore.
Have you ever faced similar situation? What could be the reason of removal

Each Niantic game has rules about what will be acceptable on each game board. It sounds like the corrected location is within 20 meters of an Ingress portal and in the same cell as a Pokething from Pokémon Go.

Your location is saved as a wayspot in the Lightship database and may be used for other games.

Location edits do get checked against the proximity rules used in each game. So if you say it was deliberately misplaced to make it appear in a specific game, then I’d say that it’s very likely that moving it to the correct location has caused it to be in a position where it’s now ineligible to appear in that specific game.

I just reviewed another wayspot located close to wayspot in question. And there was no more memorial plaque on the map anymore. So I suppose wayspot was removed from Lightship database too. Same as in Ingress and Pokemon Go.

Is there any other way for us to check Lightship database?

There is no way for the majority of us to see the Lightship map. But I believe the ambos have a way to see it… maybe on of them could check.

Can you provide the name of the Wayspot and the coordinates?

The name: Yuriy Fedkovich memorial
New Location: 48.280367, 25.935378 (I’m not sure about it, because wayspot disappeared)
Old Location: 48.280043, 25.935607

I’m not able to see it in the immediate area either. Is it the plaque on the side of the green building? And is the green building a single family private residence if so?

Yes, exactly. It is on green building with number 6:

This building is not single family private residence. The building is actually quite big. There are located about ten apartments which belongs to different holders. It was also my assumption that may be Niantic treated building as private property. I just confused why they responded in chat that wayspot is moved and didn’t say that wayspot is retired because of private property rule.

From my experience with correcting locations of various wayspots they should stay in ingress. They often will be removed from Pokemon Go if another stop/gym is already there. Although a few months ago some moves of current stops or gyms to the correct cell caused them to stay in Pokemon Go. But that shouldn’t happen and I haven’t noticed that in about 6 weeks.
In ingress I didn’t have that experience. Some are literally on top each other, which is so frustrating when trying to play.
It sounds like this one was removed. I would put a wayspot appeal in to ask why. I assume your chat history of what their response to the move was not saved.

It’s there and in the correct place. It’s just now in the same level 17 s2 cell as another waypoint just across the street so it won’t show in Pokemon Go, but it is in Ingress.

That’s weird. It literally wasn’t there when I checked the database yesterday. I can see it in the correct location now.

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Now I can see it too :slight_smile: The wayspot wasn’t there for couple of days. Maybe Niantic read this forum and did some magic.