Pokestop added and then disappeared within a day

2 days ago niantic tells me that the waystop I created has been accepted, yesterday when I open Pokemon Go I find the new pokestop which is actually a gym, but tonight the gym has disappeared, I opened the entrance to see if the waystop is there and indeed it is there on input. Why was it added to Pokemon Go and then removed after a day?

What was it?

a car park with a sea view was added and then removed from pokemon go, while it is there on entrance

looks like it shouldn’t have been accepted to begin with, a car park meets no criteria.


Without debating the eligibility of the Wayspot maybe it was reported?

Something caused the status to change and thus remove it from pokemon go. hopefully we can expect more of this for similarly ineligible nominations that somehow get through.


Was it this car park?

Is that a basketball hoop/court?

You could maybe submit that instead?

there are hundreds of pokestops that are potentially illegal, I have repeatedly reported a gym inside a hotel but it is always there, it is a private area and only guests of that hotel can use it. Then I saw signs for bars or clubs that were pokestops, this in addition to being a car park is a supermarket and I don’t understand why bars or other venues are fine and a supermarket isn’t. The rules should be revised, because it is not right that there are all these inconsistencies. Our area has no points of interest and they are all kilometers away, the game must encourage you to go out, but this encourages the fake GPS trick to be able to play, whoever wrote the rules must understand that many people do not live in the big cities

That’s 100% valid as a wayspot.

Wayspots must be a great place to explore, exercise, or be social. A car park and a grocery store are none of those three but a bar or restaurant likely is a great place to be social.

Yes you’re correct that some areas simply have fewer things which are eligible, that’s unfortunate but it doesn’t mean that ineligible things can get a free pass.


What is this just along from the supermarket?


Wow! I see at least 4 kinds of sports courts, 2 restaurants that could be places to socialize, a cool footbridge over a pond, and a community field that might have something!