Pokestop at walmart

Alright im still kinda new to trying to get stops approved recently tried to get a couple around the walmart in my town but nlthey never wanna approve wich i dont really see a problem just kinda irritates me because there is a dozen at a cemetery here and i would think if there gonna approve stops in a place where people get laid to rest they would approve for a couple at a store? Could use some clearity on it thanks

Some Walmarts have murals that would be eligible.

It’s not clear from your post what you’ve actually nominated, but I would not personally be inclined to accept a nomination just for a Walmart.


It was a cart corel ik a lot of people that play was trying to help out give them a stop to hit on there breaks thats all

I don’t see how a cart return meets criteria. Which of the eligibility criteria do you feel it meets?

I feel like it meets criteria if ur on break or your at the store and you play you can hit the pokestop do you feel like a graveyard meets criteria because i do not thats a place for people to lay when they pass not arguing here im just stating that i feel if graves in a graveyard meet criteria for a pokestop or a gym then shouldnt 1 simple cart corel be able too??

Graveyards are complicated. In general, I don’t believe graveyards themselves or most individual graves meet criteria. I understand why people feel some things within graveyards do. It’s partially down to whether the local community is capable of being appropriate within the space.

I’m not clear on which eligibility criteria “being able to spin it when on a break from work” is.


Being on break and spinning a stop is not criteria. Wayspots need to be a great place to socialise, exercise or explore. A place where you put/get shopping trolleys for a supermarket (if that’s what you mean) is not any of those things.

Graveyards themselves aren’t typically eligible, but certain things in them can be acceptable. The grave of a notable figure promotes exploration, as does a nature trail in a graveyard, or a statue that isn’t a part of a grave. War memorials also promote exploration. The Church/Chapel is a place of gathering. And certain other bits of architecture you might find there could potentially also promote exploration. You do need to be respectful when visiting such locations though.


You have to be careful, just because a POI is in one of Niantic’s games now or on the Lightship map. That doesn’t mean it would meet current criteria for inclusion. There are a handful of POI’s that would not pass today. As someone else said, graves and graveyards are a sensitive subjects and very much up to that local community.

I like to “5*” or thumbs up a lot of things, but a Walmart wouldn’t pass for me. Unless it’s a mural paint on the side.

A legit POI candidate must be:

  1. A great place for exercise
  2. A great place for exploration
  3. A great place to be social with others

If it doesn’t meet these standards, it doesn’t belong on the map.


I agree that cart corrals do not meet criteria, as they are not supposed to be places to be social at, exercise at, or explore. They are not distinct and quite generic at not just Walmart, but other grocery stores.

Here are some examples of murals at Walmarts that I did get approved last year. Both are murals representing the area these Walmart are located in. Walmart has been putting murals in many of their stors as of late that are all unique to the stores, and represent where the store is located. These murals are great places to explore, since they are unique art pieces.

I’m showing the supporting info for both, as I made sure to note they are near the entrances, since Street View doesn’t show them.

I’d recommend going through the information on acceptable and rejectable criteria to get a beeter understand of what meet Niantic guidelines, and what doesn’t.