Pokestop Edit/Waystop Nom (Accepted) but disappeared/not appeared

This waystop was originally rejected in 2023 but when i appealed it in May 2024, it was accepted. However, it has not appeared in Pokemon Go yet!
At the same time, I had another waystop edit closeby was accepted that then disappeared from Pokemon Go entirely. (Ive posted this in Bug Reports and Technical Support - although I’m not sure if that’s where I should have posted it)

Some clarification on why these stops have not shown up / been removed in Pokemon Go would be great.

I can’t do a lot of these at once without getting confused. I see that Lassen Park Playground is in the same L17 S2 cell as another portal, so only one of those could show in Pokemon Go

The other portal is Lassen Park.

I don’t see that Dinosaur Footprints one in Ingress, so it maybe within those black circles somewhere and not showing in Ingress either.


Dinosaur Footprints is less than 20 meters away from the Lassen Park Playground, in the same cell than the other 2. That’s why we can find it on IITC but it exist in wayfarer BD

The black circle around every portal is the range for portal appears (20m). The dinosaur footprints wayspot is inside the radius of park playground :upside_down_face: