Waystop edit caused pokestop to disappear

I posted a waystop edit of a pokestop that was incorrctly labelled for what the picture was depicting, I also edited location and description. All my edits were accepted and then the entire pokestop disappeared from the map. It was accepted May, 2024

The waystop nomination is named: Lassen Park Playground

You may have moved the Wayspot so that it no longer meets the rule of being alone in an L17 S2 cell to show in Pokemon Go. If you leave the location here, someone can check to see if it still exists in the Lightship database. Or you can check in the nomination map screen with the toggle turned on to see if it is still marked by an exclamation point, but that only works when you are right there on site.

If you weren’t aware of how S2 cells are used in Pokemon Go, this is a good article on that: https://pokemongohub.net/post/article/comprehensive-guide-s2-cells-pokemon-go/

If that is not the issue and the Wayspot is gone, Niantic could have determined that with all the changes, it was no longer the same thing that had been approved and removed it.

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It’s still there

Dinosaur Footprints is also in the same vicinity although you can’t see it here and it may not appear in Go either.

Sorry, just saw your other post.


Oh i answered that on the other post. It is in the same S2 cell as the Park one so only one can show in PoGo

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Each S17 cell can only have one poi for Pokémon go . You did do the honest thing , probably , by moving it most accurate location but Pogo has a ruleset for the amount of pokestops in a given area (since gameplay is different compared to ingress and other Niantic games) . Hopefully , there is another poi that can be nominated in the old spot. :+1:t2:

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I moved and edited the stop for the sole intention of nominating the actual Swing set.

I got greedy when i appealed the Dinosaur Footprints…

The swing is part of the playground. We have been instructed not to submit parts of a whole. A swing nomination will be marked duplicate of the playground.


Ive seen numerous waystops placed that do exactly what your saying isnt allowed though

existing wayspots aren’t always a good example of what’s eligible

you can read what Niantic has to say about this here: Playgrounds