Pokestop nomination in rural areas

I’m a player in a rural area. Me and my friend are the only only players in town actually :skull:. I’ve been struggling with pokestops so recently I nominated some and some got accepted really fast but I think it was reviewed by niantic itself because a person noticed one of my earlier comments in Wayfarer but idk I’m not too sure. But I still have some which are still in queue for a month and that’s the first time I started making pokestops. Just wanted to know how long it usually takes for players in rural areas!


Yes, the AI/ML has been accepting nominations, so if the decision email said “our team” accepted them, that would be the AI/ML. If the decision emails say “out community,” then that means reviewers voted on it and approved it.

Since you’re in a rural area, it can take some time to get nominations seen by enough reviewers for a decision to be made. If you do reviewing, you may want to consider using upgrades, as they push your nominations out to a larger area, and typically more reviewers.

There is no step timeframe for resolution in any area, rural, suburban, or urban, however, I will note that there may be some preference given to nominations in rural areas in the queues, but I myself haven’t noticed this. I nominate in both the city I live in, but also the rural area I grew up in, and even the city I live in I see varying times of approvals.

Really, it could take 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months, or even 2 years (fingers crossed this isn’t the case for anyone).


The AI/ML learning rejections are often baffling, sometimes I think too much foliage or grass can trigger it, or certain keywords in the description.

Hi, I am at a private lake and there are some really cool historic explorations spots around here over 100 years old that I would really like to make as pokestops. I know a few adults and some kids around the lake like to play it and there are none around here, so I would really like to put 3 or 4 cool historic spots here on the map. How do I nominate a location?

There are a lot of good tips for nominating Wayspots here.

I’d also review the Wayspot Criteria information in the Help Center:

Also, please keep in mind that you are nominating places to be Wayspots, and there is no guarantee that any approved Wayspot will be in a certain Niantic game. Each game has there own density rules, and what you are really doing is adding places to the Lightship map that the games can pull from.

In Go to submit something

Settings/Uploads/New Pokestops.

To have it accepted and appearing on the map needs to be done in a certain way if that’s what you are asking help on?

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