Portal In Own Cell Not There?

I recently submitted two nominations for Pokéstops. They were both accepted, but not put into the game.

I understand that if they shared a cell with another it wouldn’t go into the game, but that isn’t the case this time. I checked every possible S2 cell website I could find and confirmed that they would be the only ones there.

I’m not upset, just curious. Is there a reason why this would be the case and wouldn’t be put into Pokémon GO as opposed to just Ingress?


Please keep in mind that the S2 websites out there are not used by PoGo and are not reliable.

When you submit places, you are actually submittng them to be Wayspots that are a part of the Lightship map. Niantic games can then choose Wayspots from Lightship to add to their games, but there is no guarantee that any Wayspot that you submit will be in any specific game, since each have their own rules.

I myself only play PoGo, and have submitted Wayspots that haven’t shown up in the game, but I’m glad to help add onto the Lightship map and possibly help players of other Niantic games.

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Can you provide the name and coordinates of the nomination that doesn’t appear? We can help you check

Well, the first one is a Little Free Library that isn’t on private private property, but just close enough to where I figured they just didn’t put into the game for safety/privacy reasons. I know those can be iffy, so I thought nothing of it until it happened with a second stop.

Teasley Trails Little Free Library
33.16795629461639, -97.11323570211309

Herf’s Denton County Taphouse
33.22799359105929, -97.16734287369415