Put off button for location circles

In my opinion it would be super helpful if I could put off the location circles for a little moment.
Sometimes the point(s) are hiding the POI and I have to choose “not found”, because I can’t see it. Next time I’ll take a screenshot and add it here.

Edit: That’s one example. More annoying is when there’re multiple circles:

Streetview :x:
Satellit :x:

Find the sign!
Maybe I had a chance to see it but so :woman_shrugging:t2: not found


I’ve had the problem recently too. When I can I rotate the view as that can help. Or just click the Google map itself for the location as it does not have the ! But a toggle would be nice.


This would be very useful, sometimes the circles obscure smaller map objects that would help confirm location.

This was really annoying during the challenge; so many location edits with the circles right on top of each other.

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I agree with you on that. Had one the other night with about 15 discs all overlapping. Even if you can see where it is, trying to select the correct one is a challenge in itself.

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One of the hardest things is when it’s something at a building, let’s say a church as a for example. All the circles are on the church somewhere - who’s to say definitively which one is “correct”? Surely any of them could be as long as it’s somewhere within the building? One might be the rear entrance that everyone uses, so got nominated, the other is the “for show” main entrance that remains locked!

I genuinely think edits like that should only go to people directly living in that are.

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With these types of edits I try to judge it by which is the most sensible place to access the building, the main entrance or somewhere that is clearly designed for people to easily stand at to access the POI usually gets my vote. It’s often hard to know which is best but then that’s why there is the option to say you can’t find a best one.


Love the suggestion to be able to turn off the pin to see the object underneath.

I think the majority of the multitude of circles issue was because location edits were not being processed. So people resubmitted them, and of course they weren’t exact matches with their old pins when they resubmitted. I know I did that years ago when I stopped getting location edit decisions and thought they must have gotten lost in the system. I am hoping this clearing out of the backlog will eliminate some of these stacks of pins.

I don’t think restricting location edits to “locals” would help with the finer points of why one location is better. Maybe help chat would be the better option in that case.

Oh and I just thought of another reason a bunch of close together edits could have been submitted. In the past, a location edit would break links in Ingress. Niantic stopped that, so we shouldn’t be seeing malicious edits for that reason anymore, but could be another reason we saw a lot of these come through with old edits from mean spirited players.

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There are a couple of Wayfarer Tools that help with these. One shows the current position of the pin and the other overlays a S2 cell grid on top of the map.

They don’t specifically help you here @AliceWonder1511 but I found them useful during the recent challenge

Oh I’m a bit nerdy on this point.
I don’t use any additional stuff. Ok google in all varities.

And all on mobile :flushed: