Really Niantic?

I live in bean station tn and have next to no pokestops and gyms I’ve tried and tried to create with constant rejections so I buy incense and remote raid passes I spend a lot of money … Just really disappointed with how this game is run … Lately This game has just felt like a huge waste of time and has only been making me very mad events promising boosted shiny rates with field research if there is only five stops in my town how many research tasks do you think I can do??? Can’t do shadow legendary raids !!! The game is cut in half if you are playing by your self wow and they are aware of these problems and still do nothing about it I’ve got two of spin stops approved and they never showed up I didn’t walk all around town to make a spin stop for another game when we barely have any spin stops for us this is just crazy!!!

Can you give examples of what you’ve nominated so that we can help you to improve your chances of being successful? The folks on this forum are very knowledgeable and would be happy to help.

Hi! I’m sorry if you feel in that way, but your complains are related to Pokémon GO, and this is forum is related to Wayfarer.
Maybe you can show your nominations as @aliccolo suggested you or maybe you cna share your location and some folks will try to help you find some possible nominations.

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How much money or time you spend playing one of the Niantic games has no bearing on whether you get Wayspots accepted or not.

As noted, you’re best to share what you’ve nominated so people can try to assist on how they can be improved or whether they’re simply ineligible.

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Bean Station, TN.

I did have a quick look in the Ingress Intel map, population is 3000 and there are wayspots dotted about, quite a concentration in the town park which may be too close together to be Pokestops.

I’m looking, too. Seems like @BlameJamal may be the closest to there.

If we had any WF experts in Knoxville, they’d be best placed to help.


Google tells me there’s a mural inside El Paraiso restaurant. That could be worth looking into.

I’ve submitted 43 nominations

I’ve tried two or three times just keeps being rejected

Since you are primarily interested in Pokemon GO, do you understand S2 cells? This knowledge SHOULD NOT be used to misplace POI, but it helps you understand why some approved things never show up in your game of choice.

I’m going to move this to Nomination Support .

I saw that batsignal and heard my name! Someone send me some 'coords or some nominations and I’ll take a look and see what I can do to help.

I live in bean station tn I’ve submitted over 45 spinstop nominations 5 have been accepted but only three showed up I live right next to crossroads church

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Chefchico0411 is my trainer name

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Can you attach images of what you have submitted?

That will help. Use this button in your reply.

As for Wayspots that don’t appear in Pokémon GO but got accepted, it will be that they haven’t met the inclusion rules for that game but may show up in other titles like Ingress.