Reason(s) for Photo Submission Rejection

I rarely have had photo submissions rejected, but for submitting photos in the future, I am trying to figure out why the following submission was rejected.

Any insights from other Wayfarers into the possible issue(s) with this image would be appreciated.

I took that photo in the opposite direction¹ from the “Original Wayspot Image”, to avoid the much busier background in that one (below) and also tried to include less of the pedestal. I thought there might be a reflection of myself taking the picture, but when I transferred the screen capture above to my computer and zoomed in, I don’t see anything like that.
¹ The scissors are on the opposite side of the statue and the bare tree in the background of the “Original Wayspot Image” is only visible, with leaves, in the top left foreground of my picture.

This is the Scissors / Paper / Rock statue at the Rochambeau Court in Cedar Park, Texas.

Thanks in advance.

That’s a terrific photo, I don’t see any reason for it to be rejected. Occasionally I’ve had similar photo rejection - by human reviewers - which have been accepted when I resubmitted them. Sadly, it could simply be abuse where a reviewer is voting a wayspot down just to annoy you…


Looks great to me too and I can’t see any reason for the rejection.


The only thing I can see is maybe the sunlight makes it look more abstract…almost like Photoshop but given reviewers can see the original pic in comparison - I see no issue


Gorgeous photo!


That makes me wonder if the reviewer might have thought the background was removed in PhotoShop. But based on the orientation of the statue, you can clearly see that it was taken in the opposite direction.

Thanks all for the responses.