My Nomination got rejected but it met all the critera

I nominated this stop and it has been declined because it has been described as a ‘seasonal business’ and ‘not distinct’

This is the only pan-asian restaurant in my local community and as I understand it is a small business and a place for socialising and meeting up? So therefore it should pass and be a way/pokestop.

Restaurants are not categorically eligible. In irder to get ine approved, you must tell the story of how it is important to your community. We cant help tell you how to improve this (or why it failed) without seeing all parts of the nomination.


Huh, I literally just reviewed that and accepted it. Looks like a nice place to socialise.

Maybe if you post the nomination we can give some recommendations for improvements for a next try?

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So if I nominate it again and put those reasonings then it should pass?

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I’ll just have to nominate it again and give more reasoning. I appreciate you agreeing to it.

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I’m moving this to nomination support.
Can you provide both photos and all the text so we can give the best advice

Guess we know why my rating is bad now :sweat_smile:


Local & Independent restaurants are important to local communities and also encourage people to try different food. they also help put money back into the local economy. Great places for people to meet up and socialise.

These are both the photos and my reasoning for it being a waystop. Thankyou.

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From memory yours wasn’t in an area full of other waypoints was it?

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This looks like supplemental, what was the description?

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Pan-Asian Restaurant.

Yeah, that’s not enough. Many reviewers are going to look at that and think, “if the submitter doesnt care to describe it better than that, then i don’t care about approving it.”


So would I need to just re-submit it and make the description more detailed then? Then theres a chance it will be accepted?

Maybe. The angle of your photo could be better, though i know youre trying to avoid reflections.

Yes, as I know it’s better to not get people in photos. I’ve resubmitted it.

When you submit stuff like this, how much time do you apend reading their own website or reviews? While you can’t copy what they’ve written word for word, i need to read how they describe themselves to know how best to present them.

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can you put it on hold while we try to advise on the text

I’ve put it on hold.

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If I am ever submitting a restaurant or cafe i always check their website first and the reviews, as i like to use a website reference in my reciew so you know its a legit restaurant. I also try to make my description an easy reflection on what i’ve read without copying what they said like you mentioned.

Ok I live in Greater Manchester, so you have to put enough into this that would make me think if I’m over that way I’d like to visit that place.
For a restaurant it will always be tricky as you have to present it as a good place to socialise.
Is this place newish?
Why should I come over??