Rejected wayspot decorative fountain

Could you help me why my proposal was rejected?

  • Wayspot Title: Fuente de Cantera de La Rosas
  • Location (lat/lon): 17.978422, -102.225971
  • City: Lazaro Cardenas
  • Country: Mexico
  • Screenshot of the Rejection Email *



The emails that say “our team” are a Niantic rejection. If it was very fast, then it was probably that the ML model that could not find an acceptable point of interest in that photo.

I would try to take a new photo and be careful about the tree and the shadows. The fountain is blending into the tree for me.


I was typing that when @cyndiepooh Cyndiepooh replied - thank-you
I am moving this over to nomination support category where if you would some advice about resubmitting we can help.

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It looks as though it is attached to someone’s home. Is this area a residential area? If so, then it would not be eligible.


mmm okay, I saw it on the sidewalk or asphalt, whatever you want to call it. But nothing happens if it is not acceptable, you understand.