Rejection reason: Wayfarer Criteria

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Can anyone help me understand this rejection reason please? It only states: “Wayfarer Criteria”. Unsure what it means. Below is my submission for more information. tagged it: lconic Architecture, Monument Object, and Landmark Item.

Does your email say “our team”? These are decisions by Niantic, and if it was very fast, it was probably a rejection by the ML model. These appear to be heavily based on it not finding anything eligible in the photo, but that looks great to me. You get appeals every 20 days now if no one else has any suggestions for resubmitting.

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Answered on Reddit already :smile:


Did you say something about where this object stands? Is it accessable for public?

Lol, I know of a model like that in my city. Looking at it helped me realize that there were POI eligilbe places in the hotel that i had never seen on a map or satellite. And then I got the actual model approved also.


Many models like this are made by the architect firms to give the public a 3D visual before the building is built, and then is later displayed in said building. I’ve seen some of the ones at newer sports arenas and stadiums, some are in a public area, others can only be seen if you take a tour of the site.

I do agree with @AliceWonder1511, as it is a cool piece of art (yes, I would consider this art), and is certainly something I’d like to check out. However, looking up the AG Tower, it seems like it’s an apartment building that isn’t open to the public, which may be the issue.

“Open to the public” is not a requirement for Wayfarer.


The Safe question is literally “Is the location safe and publicly accessible by pedestrians?”

I think that may be the question that this was rejected for by ML. Wayspot Criteria is so broad of a rejection response, so it’s really hard for us to know what Emily saw as not meeting criteria.

@ikbel If there isn’t any issue with accessing this, and I assume not since you were able to nominate it, I would resubmit it. I do see there are businesses there, including a hotel and places to eat, so maybe note that it’s a multi-use building. There are plenty of these where I live, with retail/office space on the first floor, and apartments on the upper floors, and some of the local businesses, art, etc, at these buildings have Wayspots.

Yes, the wording to focus on in that is “by pedestrians.” The question is labeled as safety for pedestrians. Is it safe for a human being tonstand at that spot? Its why fountain sprayers in the middle of ponds aren’t safe - you can’t stand at them.

There is no requirement that the general public be able to access a wayspot. If the people who are allowed to be in a space can safely stand there, it is eligible (barring other reasons like school or blocking emergency services).


@seaprincesshnb thank you for mentioning that. I never actually realised models like this were eligible either. I know it takes a lot of skill to create but it’s one of those ones I thought would not be allowed. Glad to know that now.

Also just a quick clarification on something. When it comes to the emergency services criteria. My understanding is that they are eligible under the condition that the wayspot is not placed in a position that interferes with the normal operation of that service correct? eg. not outside the doors of a fire station that the engines need to come out of.

I haven’t come across many to review nor submitted any but just for future reference.


For me, hospitals are places where you have some eligible locations (gardens and statues in common areas) and some ineligible locations (blocking emergency services).

I have yet to see an argument for a fire station that makes me think has an eligible location. For example, i play PGO. Someone told me there was a good pokemon at a set of coordinates. It turned out to be behind a fire station. I drove in there thinking, “Ok, I’m behind the station, I’m not blocking the trucks.” But then, it was time to leave. I was trying to turn left (which crosses traffic in the US) out of the station. I sat at the single exit/entrance for that fire station for at least 10 minutes until traffic let me out. The entire time I was sitting there, it was going through my head, “What if the truck needs to leave and I’m blocking the exit?” I was so uncomfortable the whole time. And all for a single Pokemon?! Nope, I will never do that again.

I just don’t see a need to even risk blocking fire trucks for any game reason. No field or Pokemon or mushroom battle is worth it.


Yes I see where your coming from on that. No I was just curious. We have a primary care centre in our town. Beautiful modern building. Obviously important to our are(even if we have a massive shortage of doctors and it takes a month plus to get an appointment) but there is a lonnnnng footpath running all the way by the outside of it. There is also a really unique cafe in the lobby that hire specifically special needs as staff that I think if something that should be celebrated. It actually gets frequented by workers and locals from the area it is in because it is slap bang in the middle of an industrial and residential area. Was going to submit the sign for it. Would be easily verified as they have a website explaining their whole ethos.

Reason I asked about the fire station is the one in our town is in a unique position right behind our public library which has a green area so anyone visiting it wouldn’t actually need to set foot on the fire station to be able to interact with the wayspot.

Anyhow they are possibles for the future. Working on a ton of new ones researching and stuff for background and such.

Thank you as always for getting back to me.:+1:

I am entirely in favor of people being mindful, and making considered decisions.

Wayfarers mustn’t bake-in a situation that will inevitably lead to trouble.

But Wayfarer is supposed to be about identifying locations of interest to pedestrians. Then people start bending and convoluting guidance in order to defend or forestall normal human activity.

If it seems reasonably safe and lawful for townsfolk to walk behind a building that is accessible on foot, I would find it awfully strange to avoid visiting there.

The situation you describe would have been avoided by simply parking and walking. In fact, thinking ahead about traffic congestion and parking on the opposite side of the road could have saved time and yielded a bit of light exercise.

If the flashing red light came on and you heard a siren, wouldn’t you have crept forward for a right turn? All traffic is supposed to slow and go to the shoulder until emergency traffic passes. You’d need to loop back or U-turn, but it’d probably still be less problematic than blocking the driveway for ten minutes.

We cannot prevent each other’s mistakes, but we can learn from them. The town in your example could post ‘Authorized Vehicles Only’ at each end of the alley if that is a truly problematic situation.

I just hate it when reviewers start down the path that inevitably leads to ‘asphalt is lava’, and protect hypothetical preschoolers by pretending only white sidewalks are pedestrian accessible.


That’s a cool nomination! It’s like a piece of architectural artwork, really interesting and cool! I think it’s eligible as being part of exploring the area and learning more about the building.

You already mentioned in the supporting information that it is accessible to people in the building by being in a shared area, so anyone questioning that didnt read your whole submission. You can even see an exit sign in the background, which are typical in shared public areas and not in private houses.

I would try the appeal, and if that doesnt work then I’d definitely submit it again.