Remote Anchors Spoofed Vol. 37

The continued saga of Niantic’s failing CAL system continues to rear it’s head again and again.
Consider possibly using similar standards on vetting agents on approach to these specific targets like you currently have on those who have not met CAL standards in order to engage said POI’s, instead of just letting them spoof it down once the spoofers account has reached said standards to attack any CAL stamped portals. To much work? I don’t think so. Hear me out. How many secure locations world wide are we talking about here? 5 ? 10? 100¿ Does it matter? As operators of a well established game, you can do this. I’m sure it’s embarrassing to your banner for them to continually foil your broken system. Use the same protocols for attacking those unique POI’s as you use for those who are there that need your permission to interact with them like you currently do. It’s that simple.

The restore process is all put on our shoulders to bear for any type of resolution, and, this is now become a lengthy process in itself and they look quite silly with crossed lines. Didn’t see that in the terms of use. Maybe beef that process up so it doesn’t look like we have to do all the work hmm?

On another note.
We have a little group of agents that would yearly convene to a distinct set of islands and rent out houses for a weekend of links and fields, setting all kinds of crazy MU scores and this all comes to an end because we can’t trust the portal will be there when the fireworks start. It’s a shame. Was one hell of a after party. Money well spent. A small fortune to some including myself.

Won’t be happening anytime soon unfortunately. In the meantime I have to find other ways to keep this community interested the game and I got tell ya, as just some slob agent who gets a few keys together for shenanigans, you’re NOT making things easy.

That will segway into…

You want know where you’ve lost a ton of money? When you got rid of capsules that duplicated gear, we lost a need for inventory. Now we don’t pay for that once needed space and subscriptions are probably never going to be what they could be. I don’t know how many feet you got to blow off, but it seems like they like the pain.
Brian Rose said CAL was infallible…oooops
Still broken

Hello @DarthLayer
As this is clearly an Ingress Issue and not Wayfarer I will be closing this topic.
Please try Ingress on the sub reddit.

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