Removal denial

I’m starting to think someone is just pencil whipping their denials because either they want to go home or I’m being denied out of hand because I’m trying to report too many. I have never ever had a problem removing fire departments and think someone’s just trying to clear the queue.

Winchester VA USA
39.161176, -78.180739
Shawnee Volunteer Fire Department


how did anyone actually look at this and reject the report?

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I have another pending removal which is actual abuse, it’s a third battle of Winchester sign, a picture taken somewhere else and nominated in their front yard, disguised with google Spanish saying “place where a lot of things happen”. If that one gets denied I’m going to lose my mind


Queue it up, you might need it soon:
Pixies - Where Is My Mind? (Official Lyric Video)

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Thanks for posting the song, it was bringing back old memories, I heard it on an ARA compilation of music.

Me trying to pretend to be surprised…: :scream:


(I wasn’t reporting via PoGO btw)

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Why so inconsistent, @NianticAaron? We’ve mentioned before how the team that reviews these almost never accepts removals of fire stations, despite the comments you’ve made here…

This is a common meme about the disconnect across Niantic’s teams and the frustrations we face trying to help despite how difficult it tends to he for us.

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That’s the incorrect location of the Wayspot. The Wayspot was move to its correct location which is away from the driveway used by the emergency vehicles.

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Wait! Fire Stations are okay now as long as not in the driveway? I have some submitting to do - ty!

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Please refer to the help center article. It reads:

Location obstructs the driveways of emergency services or may interfere with the operations of fire stations, police stations, hospitals, military bases, industrial sites, power plants, or air traffic control towers.

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Yes it does say driveways! But it also says “or may interfere with the operations” so I have been considering them completely off limits. Thank you so much for this clarification that I will bookmark and use when I submit them!

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That makes weird situations though. If the team receives a report now, of a fire station where it is currently located within a driveway, but also there is a non-interfering location available, it would make more sense then to move the Wayspot to a non-interfering location instead of outright removing it if this is the policy you go by now.

Can we trust you that this has already been discussed with the staff and will be followed?

That’s not the case. The Wayspot was moved to the exact object the Wayspot image from the original submission depicts. Moreover, that seems to be the natural angle of approach as well.
The decision on emergency services depends on each individual case. This explanation is for this particular case and may not hold true for other locations.

For those who don’t have access to the Ingress map, here is the acceptable location for a Fire Station portal:

I see it has been moved to the entrance from the larger parking lot as shown in the Wayspot photo. (I still am not sure what criteria this meets.)

Maybe I’m being picky here but isn’t the problem the players themselves? An ingress player may have to drive into that lot to reach it but a pogo player can pull in wherever is convenient to them, and summarily block something important. I don’t know if this is a gym but isn’t the problem the possibility of 10 pogo players parking wherever is convenient for them? And the ability to enforce something like that? The reason we have trespassing problems is people do what they want, so the reason fire stations are no longer allowed is because we can’t regulate everyone’s behavior. This waypoint means nothing to me but I’ve had 10 denials in a row on what should be easily understood. Should I stop reporting because this is too much work for Niantic intellectual property? Do they even care? Does nothing matter?

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