Remove a waypoint appeal

Muy buenas propuesta

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Thanks for the appeal @Tomeref4 We took another look at the Wayspot in question and decided that it does not meet our criteria for removal at this time.

If the sign is not there anymore, how can it be a pokestop?
What is the removal criteria for it to be removed? @NianticAtlas

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It was not the “sign” that was approved, it was the garden. The garden is still there in the evidence you have presented.

If the property owner does not want a game location there, you can point them to the owner removal request form linked at the top of the forum here.

I did look at the Wayspot:

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As you can see in the photo of the waypoint, the sign is the main and only picture of the “park”, means if the sign isnt there, the photo should be removed, a waypoint without a picture should be removed
Maybe Im worng, and if so let me know so i can understand my mistake

You can submit a new photo for the garden/park. From street view, it looks lovely. Don’t submit a photo stolen from street view, but a photo framed like this would work

You could also look for another recognizable element in the park to submit as a photo if you find it hard to take a photo of the entrance. Maybe a bench?

fyi, there are Wayspots with no photo where only the photo has been removed. They look like this in Ingress

That type of photo without a sign, would be rejected becuase its only nature, thats the reason it cant be a waypoint, and thats why it should be removed.
Maybe in ingress the waypoint appears, but not in other games

What I would do is go through help chat, ask them to remove the photo because the sign is gone, and give them a replacement photo to use.

I am not sure why you want this Wayspot gone. It looks like it meets social, exercise, and exploration criteria.

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I dont want this waypspot gone, i want the photo of it to be removed, Didnt know a wayspot can still appear without photo, doesnt really makes sense but sure.
where is the help chat you are talking about, to remove the photo?

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when you go there, look for the chat bubble

you can use your geotagged photos there to show them that the sign is gone. i haven’t ever given them a replacement photo that way, but i have seen others say they wanted a replacement photo if they were removing the only photo for the wayspot. hope you can get it updated!

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Thanks, on it right now, will update when i get an answer

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Came to update on the result
Instead of reading what i writed, they just completly ignored what i asked for :slight_smile:
I writed that the item in the photo of the waypoint does not longer exists and the photo should be removed.
With geotagged photos attached of the all area ( the photos i published here for them wasnt enough on the waypoint so i went to take new ones).
And what they said in return:
Who asked them to remove the Gym? like seriously :slight_smile: Doest give the push to help the community build the map properly, poor help by their side, like really at least read what Im asking for.

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I meant for you to ask Help Chat. You would not get an email from Help Chat.
You can access Help Chat here:

and a chat bubble will pop up

Try asking there to remove the invalid photo.

I did, they told me to report a waypoint and write everything, and add photos in there :smiley:


Anyways man, thanks for the help, appreciated!
Probably i wont try to help edit the map anymore with that attitude Im getting lol, sry for trying to help Niantic :smiley:

:disappointed_relieved: sad story

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It’s like any large corporation, it’s still a surprise that there are still some people here. Although their action is altogether the same as if they did not exist :slight_smile:


why are you here then

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