Remove Duplicate Wayspot

  • Wayspot Title to be removed: Silent Abstraction
  • Location (lat/lon): 40.253782, -74.650177
  • City: West Windsor
  • Country: USA
  • Additional Information (if any): This wayspot does not appear in either Pokemon GO or Ingress so I cannot request for it to be removed. Please remove the wayspot in question as it is a duplicate of Richard Kemble Memorial.

Please use the link for Wayspot Removals on the top of this forum. The form will ask if you are the property owner, but as long as you have proof that this wayspot is a duplicate or no longer there, this form will work for you.

Thank you and apologies, still getting used to the new forum.

No problem. It’s all new! We posted these links to make it a lot easier for everyone.

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Hi! So I think I sent an email correctly, but they’ve responded with this.

It’s just a duplicate wayspot for an art piece. Not sure what to say to them.

Yep, just wait. Unfortunately, this is the standard response from that form. Thankfully, it doesn’t mean they are doing nothing. They will review your request. If you get another reply that looks more like it was written by a real human and it still gives you a result that seems wrong, bring it back here.

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This is their response. If the wayspots are investigated they both have the same exact photo, except one wayspot has a random title and the other has the official piece name with an accurate description.

I agree, one appears to be the sign for the artwork

The one you are reporting appears to be the actual artwork. Those should be considered the same POI.

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Yep exactly. For that POI I’ve even uploaded my own photo which is a close-up of the sculpture but it seems it hasn’t been accepted/synced yet.

If anyone has any advice on what to say to them that’d be very appreciated. I dunno what else I can to do convince them that Silent Abstraction is a poorer and more inaccurate duplicate of Richard Kemble Memorial. The two photos are capturing the same object.

Sent them this and they still insist they’re separate objects. Huh…

Hello, I just got this email from Niantic and it appears signs/memorials for artwork and the artwork itself are considered separate POI. Just thought that’d be helpful.

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Addressing the Wayspot Appeal: It looks like we haven’t gotten to this request yet or it hasn’t been submitted via the Scanner; at this time, we only take appeals to overturn decisions we’ve already made.

The problem was this Wayspot only appeared in Ingress, and I only have the PoGO account to take action.

Changes are no longer necessary though, Im aware that these two wayspots are considered separate.