Remove new location for reviewers

Can we please get the option to choose a new location removed from the review process. Allow voters to either approve or deny based on where a nomination is submitted. Reviewers are moving nominations in the voting process and some of these moves are very clearly to cause chaos, as they are no where near the nomination. I’m not sure how the current set-up works, but do know reviewers have the option of suggesting new location and know that many times nominations get approved but in a different location than was submitted. Submissions that cover a large area such as a building or athletic field can have multiple locations that are accurate to what is being submitted and have multiple reasons for why a particular location is a better choice, (bad gps on side of building, better pedestrian access, spacing between an existing or potential new POI, etc) the point is the submitted usually has a reason for where they submit a POI, and we should either accept or reject it where they place it and not try to place it where we think is best, and then them have to try to get it moved later on. Can we just please remove the option for reviewers, if the reviewer wants it in a different spot then they should submit it in a different spot themselves.


I move a lot of inaccurate pins, and I agree with this. If the pin is wrong, I would rather just reject. As the OP says, on large poi, there can be good reasons for the pin placement. And if someone has submitted for cell advantage instead of accuracy, I would much rather just reject that nomination. When a pin is moved, the system seems to average the suggestions and often puts the Wayspot in a position somewhere in-between, and sometimes this alternate position can be dangerous or inaccessible.

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shouldn’t be an automatic rejection either though. i usually dont move pins unless on rare occasion satellite imagery is pretty clear and current pin location looks very obviously egregious. but with new system I’ve been choosing ‘i dont know’ and ‘location’ under Accuracy. I’m also not always so worried about game advantage; either it’s a win-win situation (accurate and in a game) or it’s not. I actually think I see quite a bit of ‘oh that pin spot is too close to other wayspots for pogo or even ingress’ (- beyond those games i dont even know what inclusion rules are, if any) (and i dont have wayfarer tools, so im not staring at a grid map). BUT I leave it alone usually unless satellite imagery shows obvious, justified spot of improvement. Fortunately or unfortunately, leave it up to nominator, in person, to choose well.

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I love the idea, but I think ultimately it would be chaotic.

I move a lot of pins because you can tell when people submit thing placed them in obviously inaccurate locations or are trying to manipulate it because of where the cell boundary is.

(I only move the pins whenever I can clearly see where it’s supposed to be on the map / Street View though.)


I understand your point but I can also point out multiple POIs that have moved since the last street view of a location. The local municipality has moved and reused the same sign, with different wording on it at least three times since the last street view, once for old recreation center that was torn down, then to an old army national guard building and land where the city used the property as a temporary park, and most recently as the municipal court that was once a bank, and that has been moved several times to different locations around the building. So, I don’t trust using the street view or satelite view unless it was done in the last week. And while some people such as yourself have good intentions and try for the best accuracy as you see it, not all reviewers have the same mentality and will move things to suit their needs or cause chaos. Once the POI is accepted and place it is way harder to get it moved to correct place or removed. This is why I say either accept where it is or reject.

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I see your point and could agree with it if it didn’t tanking your own Wayfinder rating because of how the system works.

If it was an automatic rejection, how many people would honestly do that if it’s juuuuust close enough? Everyone would accept it and it would cause your rating to suffer.

No easy solution

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I was moving inaccurate pins as well. It says you cannot move more than 100m. Well I had a couple trail markers I nominated where it seems due to bad gps were off by 1-2m and it was rejected for “mismatched location”. So some people just select inaccurate location I guess. Although, I don’t know if it’s affecting my agreements for my decisions on the moves. It would be nicer to just say no when something is too far off. Even 100m seems far and takes time from the reviewer to look into this.

It could be my reviewing area but I have many inaccurate locations that I see while reviewing. Then those people instead of complaining they don’t see their wayspot or why is it in a different area would be complaining it isn’t approved. I do have wayfarer tools and can see them completely just throwing it in a different cell that isn’t at all near there poi but another one is too close, so maybe that is why, but I don’t know.

Today I went for a walk with my son and found 5 wayspots in a very small park placed more than 10m from the actual location. This is a small area that has 8 wayspots but should only have a few due to distancing rules. It is in the downtown core area. I actually thought a couple were not even there due to placement issues. These are older and likely in the early days of wayfarer or whatever the process was at that time.

yes i see some like that and they are old wayspots in my local area; all were there before PoGo had any access. I tried to remove one wayspot that was no longer around. In game reporting was rejected 3 times. Then I went to this forum. So with that much effort, I leave the old wayspots alone for now.

I don’t disagree with most of the replies here to be clear. Yes there can be abuse but also google maps and street views are often old and off. So as was stated before, the current system is probably the best or fair way to handle reviewers suggesting alternative pin location. Unless nomination can be dynamically updated to see the submitted pin location and any pin locations other reviewers suggested – then you always choose an exact pin location rather than it being averaging together…

If your submissions are getting moved away from correct location during voting, you can report it as abuse to the help chat.

I can see lots of points around this.
It is very easy to not get the position correct. There have been occasional bugs tgat have led to incorrect positions, and the common one of not correcting where you are standing to where the point is.
All of this is so much easier to spot indoors, dry and looking at a big screen. My eyes and manual skills are not what they used to be, not that they were ever great.
So don’t assume bad intentions.
I don’t use the tools so I have no idea where the grid lines are. I personally feel this avoids any bias on my part.
When it’s a small object then correcting it by multiple people shouldn’t create a problem because there should really be one place.
It is large wayspots where averaging can get silly. As various people interpret where to move it out of the middle of the tennis court, to an edge or entrance. Perhaps this is an old calculation that could be improved by a version of Emily.
I am very happy that there is a minimum distance to allow movement.
100m sounds a lot but at the length of a football pitch it doesn’t sound that unreasonable either.
Given so many other things I would like the wayfarer team to improve for wayfinders, this one is not high on that list for me.


I completely agree on the fact that gps sometimes has bugs and that submissions accidently get submitted in the wrong location, but that to me is an argument to allow the submitter to move the location from their indoor computer, as it allows edits of everything except location and not allow moves by the reviewers.

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I think Wayfarer shouldn’t allow you to move the pin based on Streetview.

Never move a pin based on Streetview. It is not pinpoint accurate. And you have no depth perception, so could accidentally set it many meters back from its location.

Sure, go to Streetview to see what you can see. But then go back to satellite.

Also, there used to be instruction not to move a pin less than 5 meters. IOW if it’s within 5 meters, it’s close enough. Even satellite has a 5 meter variation.

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