What happens when you sugget a new location while reviewing?

I’ve encountered nominations where the POI was a bit misplaced and have used the suggest new location feature but not sure what that actually does for the nomination

From doing this for a long time, it appears that suggesting a new location during a review does some kind of averaging between all the suggestions and all the votes accepting the current pin. Niantic has never told us that to my knowledge, but I have seen results other people have reported where the pin was somewhere between where they said they submitted it and where the poi actually is.


That makes sense, thank you!

I wish we had something official on this. I’m sure it’s right, but I still have questions on how they may determine what “average” is. Ya know?

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I do not know of any official statements on how the location edit pins work. But I do know a pond sprayer I rejected - for being, you know, a pond sprayer - went live at a position halfway between where the sprayer shows on satellite view and the place on the bank where they had pinned it. The portal went live exactly halfway between those two spots. How someone could move the pin to the middle of the lake and still accept is beyond me.


I have wondered this myself. I had previously guessed that maybe it somehow created its own “location edit submission” that would get voted on, but that is probably not how it works.

A bit off topic as it isn’t based on community reviewing. But I had a “Niantic Voting” wayspot for a basketball court reviewed recently. They moved it a little more than 5m away from my initial placement, within the same cell. But the issue was they put their pin right behind the net but too close to the new playground that will be there. The area was fenced off so at the time it is hard to say what the new playground and accessible area will look like, but I think that was just poor placement. Now I have to attempt to move it and risk being considered abuse. Although, their placement isn’t even touching the poi and isn’t at an “entrance” either.

For reviews, I occasionally move the pin but again I wasn’t sure how that was determined. Typically I don’t see the results either as I don’t get many in my local area.

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There is official wording in the help center, but it’s out of date, since we don’t use the star rating system anymore.

Location Accuracy

If you are able to determine a better location for the submitted Wayspot, you can click on the “Suggest A New Location” button and it will automatically rate it 5 stars and allow you to move the marker to a more accurate location.


I wish it would be that your acceptance only counts if it will be moved to the correct spot. With the star ratings I used to believe that the approval was contingent on the poi being moved. I don’t know now. I was probably just being hopeful back then.

@cyndiepooh Google has software to take in several points and generate the best place for different purposes (including pedestrian). Kind of like averaging, but a little smarter. It’s not perfect, but it’s cheaper than coding and maintaining your own. I used it in a job on a project, gosh, 7-8 years ago.

I think it’s more of an average now - so if you are the only one moving the point and no one recommends it - it isn’t moving