Replacing upgrades

Just because something is brought up again and again does not mean it can be quickly fixed. First time is lost in determining if there is actually something going on. A system like wayfarer has enough randomness in it, that many things can be assumed to be chance until an overwhelming amount of data is collected. Then it may not be readily apparent what the problem is. If it were obvious, it would not have seeded itself so deeply. Finally, when a problem is correctly identified, the solution may not be simple, but may take a fairly major rework. All to be done with very limited resources and staff.
I am on the other end of this curve, I’m in an area which has enjoyed unreasonably fast resolutions, but when I travel and get nominations stuck for months or over a year, I start to feel some of the frustration. We’ll just keep asking for this to be a priority to be fixed.

Hey, I dunno if this will make you feel better or not, but my usual 2 day to 2 week turnaround seems to be stalling. Some recent change may be impacting things and I have multiple local nominations over a month old! OH THE HORROR!!!

Any form of accountability or communication from Niantic about this being a recognized problem, or indicating the difficulty of a solution, would go a long way. Radio silence hasn’t served a purpose.

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This is a constant frustration for many, some basic communication would go such a long way in so many situations. The same issues and questions come up constantly with zero response or reassurance that that have even been noticed.


So the backlog is getting better but as of today I still have stuff in queue since February 3, 2024. Hubby and I have moved and every time we do I end up having to nominate a lot of new stops. We live in campgrounds that have a LOT of amenities so lots to nominate. I have nominated 44 waypoints since the first of this year.

13 have been accepted 3 with upgrades
8 are in voting and some have been there close to two months
3 have been not accepted although I will argue 2 of those should
20 still in queue

So yes it has been quicker but I wish I could use your extra upgrades for mine that are still sitting here.

However, as for my rating I have always been Great but I’m only at 9,605 reviews and I know many of you have far more than that.