Report for statue at Fire Station rejected

When submitting a Wayspot Appeal, make sure to include as much of the following information as possible:

  • Wayspot Title: Firefighter Statue

  • Location (lat/lon): 34.984278,-79.022071

  • City: Fayetteville, NC

  • Country: US

  • Screenshot of the Rejection Email (do not include your personal information):

  • Additional Information (if any):

As you can see, this is pinned right at the Fire Station (although I do not believe it could possibly exist here and was pinned here for cell reasons)

After the case where a hall adjacent to a fire station was removed and netted a warning for the submitter, I thought this met the criteria for removal based on obstructing emergency services. The statue cannot be along that side of the building as pinned anyway

Here is the full resolution photo from the portal to compare that it cannot exist there:

Oh and since that file is too big to display, here is a screen snip:

This is the previous topic I was referencing:

That doesn’t look like the correct location of the Wayspot. The statue seems to be somewhere at the back. If moved to correct location, this does not need to be removed.

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If you can find the correct location, point them to it. I just want it removed from beside the Fire Station. I can’t find anything like the area surrounding this on the map. I also rejected this in review, so can show you the supporting as well.

We have made necessary adjustments to the Wayspot in question.


idk how you found the correct location but thank you for removing it from the fire station

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In the main photo you can see at the background the volleyball field that also appears in the screenshot you shared of IITC. I guess they noticed that and they compared the images to move it to the correct location.

I don’t see anything identifiable in that supporting photo on the map or from street view to place that statue. Also, Niantic removed something I submitted for being in the wrong place (because of gps error and no satellite view) for not meeting criteria because it was submitted “to the wrong location that does not meet our criteria.” I have no idea why sometimes misplacing is grounds to remove a Wayspot and sometimes they just relocate it. It is not my job to find the thing that person submitted in the wrong place, but I would have pointed it out if I had seen it. Which I do not. I don’t care if it remains a Wayspot as long as it isn’t by the fire station. I hope the submitter got an educational email. And everyone who accepted it in that position where it clearly could not exist.

This is what I used to identify the aprox location of the statue:


They would not remove something just for being misplaced a little due to GPS drift. Atleast, I have not seen it.

This case was pretty clear IMO for the same reasons that the ambassador explained.

Ah but that is exactly what they did to me.

They removed this from the position at the fire station where it was clearly misplaced for cell reasons. That is all I was asking for.

It is not my job to find the misplaced poi.

Must be something else.

I saw one of those stacks of accepted nominations all in the same spot near none of the actual poi when another one in the same spot came through voting, and reported that stack. Almost all of the accepted ones were duplicates, one of something I had submitted before there was satellite view. They decided to spread out the stack and keep those, and removed that one of mine for “submitting Wayspot nominations to the wrong location that does not meet our criteria.” The other one they removed was not mine. It is anyone’s guess as to why they decided to spread out the stacked ones instead of marking those as duplicates as they should have been - maybe those had been accepted by Niantic. But they absolutely can and do remove Wayspots that have been submitted to the wrong location.