Restaurant koffiehuis

But all the restaurant en koffiehuis or lunchbar get rejected ? Did like 6 new waypoints 4 get denied en 2 still waiting. It are favorite restaurants, and lunch cafes why it dont get accepted?

Can you share the whole nomination, so we can see your title, description, and supporting information, as well as both pictures? It will help us with the advice

It would also help to see what the rejection emails said

Ass tiltle the name of the restaurant or fastfood, shop where you also can buy ice cream.or just coffee

Verhage was probably rejected from the Niantic AI, since the rejection reason is “wayfarer critieria” and the email says “our team”

I think you need to say more than that its a fast food place, which wouldn’t necessarily be a good place to socialise like a normal restaurant would be? You would need to work out what makes these places good for either socialising or exploring ie somewhere with great food especially if that cusine is uncommon for the area might be a good place to visit and take friends to?

For the other restaurant I realy have no idea, its a cool entrance design, I supoose the same applies really-try to add more information tying it specifically to the critiera and make sure the description is really clear as to what is cool about the place

Its like a starbucks, other one chinese restraurant one greek restaraunt, location is on big sqaure thats round, a lot of seats outside and inside in front of the city hall, they also hold a lot of events on the sqaure thats called koningsplein (kingssqaure) so its great to meet and hang out whit a lot of people and meet new people

A starbucks wouldn’t usually be eligible (the reason we see them in Pokemon Go is due to a paid sponsorship)

Restaurants are usually eligible if theyre a good place to socialise or explore ie a great place to take a friend, sell realy good food etc. Artwork inside of restaurants can be submitted as per other artwork too.

Maybe the square could be eligible if theres some sort of permanent seating etc and you can show its a good gathering spot?

Redirecting... you can take a look here and decide for your self thanks for taking your time

Oh sorry I dont have Facebook! I’m sure someone else can check though

I also dont have facebook but you can still look on it a part of it