Restaurant Low hangout and low Quality?

I found some appeal was reason strange for this one, this is a popular restaurant but why some reject appeal this one? Here some detail and pin map share :

And here some website for Maps :

This is a real bad for appeal on this👎, so i quit on this review and new wayspot. If you some strange some appeal, you can post here.

What evidence did you give them that this place is popular? They can’t just take your word for it. You need to give them links to reviews, or ratings, or features, or tourist listings - something that shows that this is a hotspot.

If you had included some information like that in your original nomination, it might have been accepted in regular voting.

I usually try to put any information about why they are special in the description, and then link to proof in the supporting.

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Give link to review is useless, some nomination has been rejected by Generic Business, if you i don’t believe, you can link this one :