Returning a deleted wayspot

  • Wayspot Title: Grafite Charmander
  • Location (lat/lon): -27.944901069302805, -52.92822035766565
  • City: Sarandi/RS
  • Country: Brazil
  • Additional Information (if any): Google Street View:

Hello, I want to report a malicious removal of a wayspot that is perfectly legitimate and accessible from a public area. Wayspot was here for 6 years!

This pokestop was a gym, as it was deleted another one took its place!!

That appears to be the garden wall of a private residential property. If that’s the case, then it is a valid removal, as the outward facing side of a garden wall still counts as being part of the property.

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There are several pokestops similar or even worse in the surroundings and only this one had a change. Anyway, the painting is indeed on the public street

Is the wall/fence around a residence? If so, the the wall is part of the residence and ineligible, if the residence is a single family home.

I understand that those are the rules, but I found it suspicious to disappear after more than 6 years, and it should be restored.
However, this rule isn’t respected anyway, because if it were, more than half of the pokestops in this game would have to be removed, and my city would be deserted.
Sad day.

It has been noted previously on both this forum and the previous one that the private residential property rule seems to not be correctly applied by submitters and reviewers in Central and Southern America. Just because that is the case though, it doesn’t mean that this should be restored, and yes, if other wayspots like this exist, then those too should realistically be reported and removed, as there aren’t meant to be exceptions to that rule.


Unfortunately things of changed because of rampant abuse , many people “painting” their own homes , building their own free libraries , putting statues in own private front yards , etc .

Hey, @LucasNhoatto! We have taken another look but stand by our decision to retire the Wayspots.