Returning a deleted wayspot

  • Wayspot Title: Fontaine Fleurie
  • Location (lat/lon): (45.7367120,4.9620190
  • City: Chassieu
  • Country: France
  • Screenshot of the Rejection Email (do not include your personal information):
  • Additional Information (if any):

Hi, I want to report a malicious removal of a wayspot that is perfectly legitimate and accessible from a public area. Wayspot was here for 3 years and suddenly someone canceled it? I don’t understand for what reason?

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Based on the coordinates this appears to be on a single family property. So this is PRP and not eligible to be included in games.


No, not at all, the fountain is on the side of the garbage room along the road. to see the photo

That is still part of the same property. A single family home could have a lawn, shed, detached garage, fence, etc. Anything submitted having to do with any of this is still ineligible because of PRP.

I’m looking around the neighborhood more, is this a communal trash area?

You may still have problems getting this reinstated because often PRP is considered to go all the way to the street and this is a very small (moveable ) fountain… But if you can show that this is a communal trash area and not just for that one house you may be able to convince folks.

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Here are the photos that I just took, they are indeed the city’s common trash cans

okay these photos do help and do show a wall between the private residential property and the poi.

we don’t know the reason for removal. if it was not a property owner request, these photos should help show that it is an eligible location.

Accessible by any player, backed by a garbage room and not on private property.

Why was it deleted? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Here are Photos taken today at 6:00pm, the fountain had been dismantled in the winter for repairs but it is back

The part about PRP extending to the street is not the case everywhere- I hear about it most in the USA. In Europe that is not the concept at all.

I can see that additional photos show this clearly.


Your close up of the fountain is much better than any other photos I can now see what it is.

If it had been missing whilst being repaired it doesn’t sound reasonable to describe it as malicious. It does sound reasonable that someone came along saw it was not there and reported it.

It is also reasonable now that it has been restored to make this appeal.
The decision whether to reinstate rests with staff, so I think we can leave this for them to consider.

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Can we back up for a minute and discuss how this item meets any critieria, not just the location? Just from thr photos, i don’t see how this is a place to be social, exercise or even to explore. To me, it looks like a place you fill dog water bowls. What am i missing?

it is a safe place of passage that people use to go to the Joly park, on weekends there are a lot of people walking around here

You cannot appeal this post because this is a sensitive location (such a spot garbage) and private property. So make sure try another from the avoid object private property.


I’m here with @seaprincesshnb.
For what reason should this place being a waypoint?

“Hey, let’s meet at the garbage and explore it? Being social at it? Make some exercise?”

Hi! Sensitive locations are places like tombstones or cemeteries, a spot garbage is not considered as a sensitive location. Also, reading all the post and looking at Maps I wouldn’t say that is part of a private property.

However, I don’t really know if these type of fountains are considered mass produced in France. Similar ones in countries like in Spain are very common and they are considered mass produced.


Not PRP, it’s on the wall of a communal area which I think it on the public highway. It’s not the trash area that’s the waypoint, but the fountain.

However, the text appears to read:
Fundició Dúctil Benito

This company was only founded in 1992, so this is most likely a very recent reproduction and of no historical (or exploration) value.

This is not PRP.


I think it is up to the Wayfarer Staff to judge if this suitable to be reinstated.
I don’t have an issue that the location is next to a waste space any more than it is next to PRP, as it is about the object itself.
Ordinary water outlets/fountains are not something I would vote for but I don’t know what rules are in place for reinstatement.

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Thanks for the appeal @Xorgg007 After reviewing the additional evidence provided, we’ve decided to restore the Wayspot in question.

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