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I would like to give a review if a pokestop would be good or not, can you localize that so people can go and have a look and not get a pokestop on the other side of the world

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I think I can not understand what do you want to mean. Can you please give a further information or explanation of what do you want to mean please?

The nominations that you get in your reviews are based on the area that you play in, and your hometown and bonus locations that you can set in your settings. Occasionally you will receive nominations from areas outside of these that the owner used an upgrade on.

Other then that you are at the mercy of the queue when it comes to the things you get in your reviews.



No, you cannot only review close to your place of play. Then there would be too much opportunity for abuse, -where locals get together and make their own rules for acceptance, and go against Niantic’s guidance for what they want in their database.

Your Home Location is meant to be someplace you know well, but where you do not live now, at least 100 miles from your place of usual play. You cannot ever change this.

Bonus Location can be a place you know, or a place you’d just like to see nominations (virtual tourism) - and at least 100 miles from your Home Location or place you usually play. You can change your Bonus whenever there’s a Wayfarer challenge - roughly quarterly.

Cyndie has reviewed multiple nominations outside of her review areas which were not upgraded. I know because they were mine.

It’s certainly possible they all got “rural priority”, but if so, we should probably rename it “busy downtown of a small city priority”.


Is this correct? Are you sure? When I set my home location I’m sure it didn’t say anything about it needing to be 100 miles away… the whole point is they want people who will know the area a little when reviewing.

Are you suggesting you would like to physically go to the location to take a look to aid you in your review? If so, I don’t think this is feasible - for one thing, the review on your screen times out after a few minutes and moves to the next. I don’t think you ever see that one again! So unless you were already in the spot, you’re unlikely to even get there before it’s timed you out and moved on.

When reviewing, you should be able to answer the questions based on the info provided. If you aren’t sure, put “I don’t know”. The onus is on the submitter to put enough information in there (or links to support it) for the reviewer to be able to make a decision as to whether or not they think it would be a great place to explore, exercise or socialise (and determine if it’s safe, accurate, etc).

yes, that’s what I mean, take a physical look at it yourself if that point is there and not something temporary

That advice is so to maximize the net area where you can get reviews from.

You can still place it near the other locations but then there will be overlap.

The person I was replying to said you must not put it where you live though. I have it set to where I live, because I didn’t see anything telling me that it shouldn’t be that. I was asking if that rule is a genuine Niantic rule (in which case it needs making clearer) or if this is something that people have suggested and has become a rule that people think exists if that makes sense.

Unfortunately the system would time out. And most people wouldn’t go out and visit the spot.

You should have everything you need in the nomination. Use the streetview function of the map so that you can look around to see if it’s there or not. If it’s not there, look for other landmarks in the photo on the map to check that the location is right, so you know it’s a genuine nom and maybe just outdated street view.

If there’s a weblink in the supporting info, take a look to see if it is something that can help you to determine its existence in the spot the pin has been dropped.

If after all that you really can’t find it, put either “thumbs down” and select location inaccurate (I think that’s the wording) if you are certain it’s not there, select “I don’t know” if you think it could get there but you can’t locate it.

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My home location is also set to my home town, which is where I currently live and where I’ve lived almost my whole life, bar 2 years living in another town for work. Its also where I play 95% of the time, because I like to play as part of daily life

I think the review areas are honeslty much larger than 100 miles anyway. I get nominations from France while living near London, and I also get nominations from the whole of England and some of Scotland. I now set my bonus location to northern Scotland so I get those too now. But I think my review area is around 500 miles north:south plus extra now for that bonus area

That means I will never see almost any of the locations I’m reviewing.

I also thought wayfarer would be about local knowledge when I joined and set up my profile back before the pandemic. I put my bonus where I worked, which was 90 miles from home back then. I quickly realised that when wayfarer talks about “local knowledge” they mean knowledge of your entire country, or even continent for the Europeans etc who end up reviewing multiple countries :laughing: they don’t mean that you’d have ever seen any of the places in the submissions or know if the item exists. You might recognise less than 1% of the places you’re reviewing

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I believe the review area is based on S2 cells - I can’t remember which level though! I know I was told because of where I am, most of the UK falls under my locality!

But I do find noms from my home town appear occasionally, and some from my bonus location too, so I do think it triggers something to make sure you see them.

Yes. You’ll get nominations from a huge area (as I recall: 250 sq mi for play area and home, 100 sq mi for bonus) around each of those 3 places. Plus upgrades, or help with backed up areas from anywhere.

If you choose places too close, it will not increase what you see in the overlap. Since your chosen area will be smaller, you will see more from faraway random places.

Niantic is notorious for not spelling out how their system works. They have said this once or twice, long ago, not preserved.

No, you are not expected to go to places you review, or to ever have been there.

The idea is that you have a general idea of the culture there.
In Indonesia they have decorative arches on neighborhood entrances that are widely accepted - they have cultural importance that such a thing would not in the U.S.
In the U.K., Victorian post boxes are considered historical destinations, even tho they look boring to me.
In Brazil, there’s lots of art that I would consider grafitti and temporary.
In the U.S., I know that having “Park” in the name doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a park - could be offices, retail, residential, etc.
In the southern part of the U.S., bar-b-queue restaurants are everywhere, so any given one is not as important as it might be in, say, California.
And thousands of other examples.

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Yes, it’s either S6 or S9 (sorry for the dyslexia).

You can contact Niantic for a one-time Home location change if you want.

You can look at your region on Ingress. Consider it the middle square in a 9-square grid. That’s what you’ll get for your area-of-play reviews. And that much room around your home-town reviews. A smaller area for your bonus.

Here’s Atlanta’s region (one ninth of the area you’d see if reviewing in Atlanta)

A while ago @elijustrying shared this one in the U.K.

Yeah, I’m at the bottom of that UK rectangle but still see everything in it, plus more to the south

From observations made -
Upgraded nominations or rural priority can come from anywhere in your country. Which is why you will see rural areas in Scotland for example. @frealafgb

That makes sense! Since setting my bonus to Aberdeen I get a large % of Scottish reviews, although I always did get them before. The French stuff is much rarer and often pictures.