School District Stadiums - What’s the protocol?

So, what is the protocol for public stadiums that are owned by local school districts that aren’t actually schools or on a school’s property themselves? Are they valid or invalid?

Context: Football, even high school football, is king in Texas. A lot of cities have district owned football stadiums that aren’t actually attached to schools. They’re obviously places where people can socialize and exercise (a lot of them are open to the public on non-game day or non-practice days). I’m just wondering what the criteria says about these types of situations.

We don’t have a final ruling on this. I 100% would accept a stadium like this that is not actually on school grounds. Many of them have walking tracks that are open to the public. People who don’t live in the US honestly can’t understand how sometimes small town life revolves around high school football.


Alright. I guess I’m going with my gut and generally going to base in on whether it’s actually at the school or not. Thank you.

(There are four high schools in my city, each one of them has their own small stadium on top of the ultra mega district stadium that’s not close to any of them. UnderArmor even filmed a commercial there.)

Dejected Larry McMurtry fan walks away :smiling_face_with_tear:

They usually are on school grounds as it’s still on land owned by the school board or school district. The school rule will always be supreme on this.

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I disagree. You need to ask why there’s a rule for school property. The reason behind that is that kids go to school without their parents and are placed in the care of the school employees.

A sporting facility that is only used for games where tickets are sold and the community is welcome to attend does not have the same “in loco parentis” responsibility as a classroom setting.

The schoolboard offices are also owned by the school system. If there was a mural there, it would be eligible. A stadium is not a school. An office building is not a school.


You are going to have to give me very concrete evidence that this is not on school grounds for me to accept this. Cary, NC does build parks adjacent to schools to double up on the parking spots, so I will consider. But I will reject if there is a shadow of a doubt that it is on campus.

That’s just a thing made up for those US films right? Right?

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Not at all, unfortunately.

It’s real, my friend. These are all stadiums for high schools teams here in Texas.


Metro Atlanta has LOTS of parks with football stadiums that are one high school’s home field. We’re growing too fast, building too many high schools, to put nice football fields at all of them. And it’s impossible to find that much contiguous land where the subdivisions have recently gone in. (for example, my county had half a million in Y2K, and now almost a million.)

Most of these park football fields are restriped in the off season for lacrosse.

Undefeated, The Last Game and a few of ESPN’s 30 for 30 are worth watching, Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer and God and Football are worth reading even for non sportsball fans.

They almost make soccer fan culture look sane and normal.

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That’s funny, our local High School football stadium is actually on the grounds of the former high school. I think it has been at least 40 years since it was actually a school. The buildings exist but they were leased to private companies.

I always wished it was in game during those boring football games! My kids were in band and they put on great halftime shows . Now it looks like they are going to stop using it and build stadiums at the actual schools.