Skatespot - Where are you?

Ive submitted a popular skatespot… And it just got accepted… (2 days ago)

But the pokestop/portal dosent appear to be find in any games.
Is it because it has been “taken back?”

First off did you see it go live in your game(s) of choice? A wayspot being accepted means it goes into the lightship database. From there each game uses their own density/proximity rules. So there is a chance it would not show up even if accepted.

Though looking at your nomination photo, it appears that this is a set of stairs leading up to a building entrance? That does not seem like a skatepark or official skate spot. This may have been removed after a ML acceptance.

Hello @XtreemAwesome

Your wayspot is still in the database

The problem is about being selected for games.
It is really close to Fermaten, within 20m which means it doesn’t appear in Ingress.
Pokémon Go uses S2 Level 17 cells to determine density. Of Poké stops and gyms. 1 item per level 17 cell ( gohub has a good article about cells) .

You can see there are 3 wayspots already in in that cell ( box bound by green and red lines) yours doesn’t show as this is based on Ingress and it can’t appear in ingress.
So unfortunately your wayspot can’t appear in either of them.
Best to learn about cells if you want to avoid this frustrating situation.


I know alot about cells… S14 & S17… But… When i created that stop it was also in the empty cell… “more north”

But how can you see that picture? Or is it possible to move it?

It probably got moved during review.
The steps that are used for skateboarding (I presume that is what it is) don’t go into the cell to the north. Any attempt to move it across the cell line would be regarded as wrong and you may receive a sanction.
I would suggest trying to look for something else.