Sponsored Stop Submission?

I know that there are sponsored stops in Niantic games, but is there any way to report that one is “missing” due to a sponsored location being new?

You can reach out to the person responsible for the sponsorship relationship from the sponsoring side to get them to update the list of locations they provide to Niantic.

Sponsors negotiated and signed a contract with Niantic, like x number of Pokestops (or portals) for y amount of money.

To add stops at more locations, Niantic will want more money.

That’s a business decision between them of course. I’m just saying it doesn’t happen automatically.

Good idea to try to bring it up, in case either party forgot! Maybe they’ll renegotiate!

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If you are talking about a Starbucks, I don’t think a new one has gone live since I have been doing Wayfarer, which is like four years. They also don’t seem to be able to be removed. My personal theory is that whoever made the deal in the first place has left the companies on both sides and there is no one to contact. Let us know if you have any success.


Would you have any idea how to go about doing that? I don’t think the best route is to just go on Twitter and tell Starbucks that they’re missing a location Pokémon GO, ha.

It is Starbucks, yeah.

It’s funny because there’s one in my city that is missing the stop but there’s another one that I kid you not, has two Pokéstops a millimeter away from each other for the same store. It’s crazy.

Honestly, I think it’s a lost cause. The only thing you could possibly do is to enter the Starbucks (buy something) and have a nice chat with the manager to let them know that this sponsorship program even exists but that they are not part of it.

Beyond that, I don’t think we as games players need to be concerned with sponsorship relationships.

I figured as much anyway. I searched around on here and couldn’t find anyone else asking about it, but figured I’d try to ask.

I saved this in 2019: https://nianticlabs.com/news/sponsored-locations-update-110619?hl=en

It links to the application form: Sponsored Locations for Business – Niantic