Stops and gyms that have business hours

Is there a way to get gyms and stops that have been put on business hours reset to being open all the time? Local college requested removal of POIs on their campus when POGO first started due to large crowds walking into streets while staring at their phones. Niantic did not want to remove the stops but instead put business hours on those POIs to only be open during the college’s posted business hours (which was actually the opposite of what college wanted, because those were the hours that the college was concerned with) and those stops and gyms have stayed that way since with M-T 9-4 and F 9-12 hours. All the new stops and gyms on campus have not had those restrictions as they were created afterwards, so now about half of the POI’s on campus have business hours and the other half have none. Can those that have hours be reset, especially since the college no longer cares about the POIs as the POGO crowds have vanished now that the new has worn off the game, and they haven’t complained about all the new POIs that were added on campus right next to existing ones.

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This isn’t a Wayfarer matter but you can request those responsible for the area to use the below form.

It says;
Administrators of public parks, or other authorized personnel, may use this form to request hours of operation be added to limit PokéStop or Gym functionality.

so that’s the route to go down.

This is an incorrect speculation. While I’m not at liberty to disclose the details of our conversation with the relevant authorities, this information is blatantly incorrect.

If you know the senior executives of the organization that owns the property, please have them reach out to us directly through our help center (link already shared by the learned ambassador @PkmnTrainerJ ) and we will be happy to collaborate with them.


The previous President of the college is the one that told us that information, he said the college had safety concerns as players were walking across streets without looking and that it was especially a problem when students were rushing between classes. They were afraid a rushing student would run over a pedestrian that didn’t look before crossing street because of looking at their phone. They were hoping the POIs would just be removed all together but according to him, was told they wouldn’t be removed because it was a public college. I don’t think anyone at the college cares enough about POGO to request that the POIs be taken off business hour restrictions but I know if Niantic reached out to the college or the official there that originally contacted niantic they would tell you they no longer care or you would get no response. The fact that all the new POIs created since the initial restrictions have not had complaints should show lack of interest from the organization. But as far as incorrect speculation and information being blatantly incorrect comments, I feel that you shouldn’t make assumptions especially since I have not disclosed the information of the college being referred to.

You know that would be a fun game dynamic