Submissions from >10km away


I was curious if there is currently a way to submit wayspots from >10km away, possibly as a support ticket. I submit a large number of rural wayspots but have been encountering issues recently where there simply is nonexistent cell reception anywhere within the 10km to submit them. I have the personally taken photos and supporting information for them but cannot find anywhere in the area with reception.


Ingress has a wider remote submit range of about 25 km if you want to get to level 10 in that game.

Can’t you create the nomination while close enough, then use upload later to submit when you have signal?


In my case, Ingress doesn’t show the submit later button. I changed my smartphone and doesn’t have AR (can’t scan portals) and the submit later button is gone…

But I can submit with the 25km distance :smiley:

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You do have the option to upload later with both PoGo and Ingress, which was created for those submitting but in areas with low to no reception, however this has been a little glitchy as of late. It seems to want to take the location you are currently at when uploading later as the submission location, not the location that should have been saved.

If you do choose to upload later, it’s best to check your submission in Contribution Managwment within 30 minutes of uploading, to make sure they are at the correct location. If not, the only thing that can be done at this time is to withdraw a submission if the location is inaccurate.

No, in this case, the complete lack of reception prevents the game from loading in the first place, or, if it was already up, the map for placement of the spot does not load.

I always use that strategy otherwise to submit 20 or 30 things and then just upload when I get back home that evening, but this area was particularly rural the other day.

I don’t understand why you want to submit the Wayspots then if you can’t load the game?

I would still like to submit the wayspots to add additional points of interest to the map. Just because I have no reception, doesn’t mean another cell provider’s network doesn’t work out here, not to mention that people living in the small town could possibly access it through wifi at their homes. I do not need to personally benefit from the submission of wayspots to want to submit them.


“you” was a bad choice of words. i meant what is the purpose in submitting wayspots in locations where the games could not be played? you answered.

not every cell provider has the same coverage area.

And some ingress players have specialized equipment that allows them to play in areas where no provider has coverage (this tends to be fairly expensive) and the strategic value of wayspots in these areas is quite high. I have personally submitted at least 1 that i would not be able to interact with if i went back but i know another ingress player who used a starlink to key farm it and it was the anchor for a very large field.

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I’ve some great information sites in an area where my signal is totally non-existent. As has been said a different provider may work or maybe one day a service will be available. And when that happens there will be wayspots :sunglasses:

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Thats weird. Mh ohone doesnt support the ar in ingress (but does in pogo weirdly) but i still get the upload later button, which i usually do when doing nominations (and sometimes even when doing nominations in the house because its muscle memory at this stage lol)

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Maybe I need to ask other agents or in Ingress reddit about the button :upside_down_face: (I think is my cellphone model :eyes:

An Ingress drone can easily go places without cell coverage. (I’m sitting on my sofa with wi-fi as I explore far away with my drone.)