I can’t send new contribution far away from my current location

Hi there,

This morning I went to a couple of towns that are about 60 km away from my home. I took a few pictures to send contributions when I was back at home. However, I cannot move the cursor (Pokemon Go) to the destination. It seems I can move it up to 10 km away from my current location.

Is there any way to skip this limit?


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No. That is a hard limit. I do believe that the limit for Ingress submission distance is greater.

I tend to do an initial submission and immediately put it on hold. This allows me to edit the description and supporting information. Though I don’t think you can change the photos.

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It’s a 10km limit in PoGo, and 20km in Ingress. It’s highly recommended to create the nominations where you are, but choose to upload them later if need be, such as you need a better internet connection or may want to edit some information after uploaded before going into voting.


Oof. I’m sorry you didn’t know about the limit. That’s frustrating. All i can say is that you know for next time.

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I learned about that limit on a submission that is… 2,189km from my house. :slight_smile:


As DTtrain2002 says, I recommend starting the submission at the actual location because that it is usually the most accurate way of locating the wayspot. Then choose to upload later, go straight into Wayfarer and put them on hold so that you can edit them.

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