Successive Nominations with Same Pin Location

I was exploring the Audobon Trail on Fripp Island today and made a handful of nominations. I noticed two of the nominations ended up with the same pin location. I made a nomination, and continued on the walk. I didn’t exit the screen after the submission and made a new one when I reached a new destination. I was waiting until I was clearly in a free cell. The trail has tons of signs for being such a short hike. I submitted the next waypoint though as well as one other. Now that I’m home, I’m going to edit the submissions but noticed the pin is identical between two successive noms. I am assuming there is nothing I can do other than withdraw the inaccurate nomination. I already drove home and won’t be back there for another year most likely. But I wanted to check. Round trip, it’s a 9 hour drive and 4.5 one way.

A similar thing happened a year ago too where a beach access sign ended up in the wrong spot. The only difference is last year I submitted the beach access first followed by another nature sign but the beach access pin was placed at the nature sign instead. I verified it was incorrect when I was there yesterday. Today, my 3rd Audobon Trail nom is at the location of the 2nd nom. I didn’t realize the game didn’t update my location by not exiting the screen.

This is an unfortunate bug in pogo where when you don’t back out of the menu, your pin does not update. You could try to inform reviewers where it is supposed to be located, or might get it moved via help chat after acceptance, but if you can’t get the community to move it, it’s more likely Niantic will ask for additional proof of the actual location.

It should work fine if you move the pin, but the automatic location will be wrong if you don’t.

Thanks, I figured as much. I’ll keep that one on hold or ultimately withdraw it. Emily might auto-approve and if it’s approved second, it’s impossible to move via PoGo. Sorry, not gonna try for level 10 Ingress. It’s not a big deal. Hopefully someone else will explore the area and add it to the correct location in the mean time.

If it does get approved in the wrong place, you can submit a location edit request through the wayfarer support chat by logging into your wayfarer account, going to the help page, and then tapping the orange speech bubble in the corner.

You might need evidence that it’s in the wrong location though.

f was approved, then you would have two waypoints in identical locations. Neither would show in any Niantic game. I wonder i the second one would even appear in the Lightship database due to proximity of same spot.

Either way, I’ll withdraw it. There are some google street views but not at this specific location on the trail. Emily already accepted one of the four noms, two went to Niantic Voting and the 4th I’ve left on hold. There’s probably 20 nature signs on this trail so hopefully someone will take the initiative and do one in an open cell.

The PoGo bug is annoying - I do most of my submissions in Ingress which behaves better, I found the PoGo bug when I ran out of submissions and tried to do the same “upload later” thing in PoGo that I do in Ingress.