Suggestion: Add Softball Field Subcategory

Hey, everyone! I have been using Niantic Wayfarer for around a day now, reviewing Waystops here and there. Something I noticed is that a lot of individuals submit stop requests pertaining to softball fields in addition to baseball fields. I was wondering if a separate subcategory could be implemented under the Athletic Field category to better categorize softball field-related suggestions (instead of having to group them under baseball fields, which do tend to differ in size, design, and shape). Thanks!


The categories list was not actually made by Niantic; it does come from a third party. It would be nice to have several things added, including softball field, pickleball court, etc, but as long as Niantic uses a third party system for this, there might not be any change.

Besides, there are places listed that don’t even meet criteria, so that’s another way to tell Niantic didn’t design it.


You can select “Other” and make suggestions for categories.

Maybe something even happens with them! Who knows :person_shrugging:

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Ahh. Makes total sense now! Thank you.

Will do! Thank you.

Categories are only in the PokemonGO nominating process. I think the reason they didn’t add it to Ingress is because Niantic has no process to do anything with the suggestions.

@DTrain2002 Yes, it would be an immense improvement to remove categories that aren’t eligible. And put an asterisk next to some, indicating “likely ineligible”.
When I’ve said the list is from a third party (likely Open Street View), people argued with me. Perhaps Niantic bought it, and has evolved it since?

@WonderBagus The categories are not used in our games anyway. They are for marketing the database. For example, Niantic might sell to an app developer who wants to pull a subset of waypoints with “Statue” category, to make an app for visiting statues around a city. (They would manually prune the list.)

I got curious, and tried to find other women-related sports missing from the list, but softball seems to be the most glaring. You’d go with “Hockey Field” for field hockey, and “gym” for gymnastics and others. The list is decades old, and women’s softball wasn’t so big then, I guess.

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They are also in the review process.

I was replying to your reply, that said: “You can select “Other” and make suggestions for categories.”

The free-form ability was never in the review process, and never in the Ingress nomination process. But it used to be in the PokemonGO nomination process, so I assumed it still was.