The local hostel\bacpackers

Ahh I didn’t know that was in the rules.

Why not? It’s only a 35eruo flight from London and so very safe


I’m not looking for anything specific and honestly my memory is not good enough to do so :laughing:

But I’m happy to help review stuff and do a little bit towards easing the volume still in queue.

Most of the reviews are still english edits anyway and Ive had 2 “are you a robot” questions now so Im stopping for the evening.

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I’m in essoreria a UNESCO world heritage market town tthers some but nothing like what it should be

Im in a market town too! But not a special one :laughing:
The most interesting thing we have is a ruined Abbey from medieval times. And a dangerous diving pool, aparrently :roll_eyes::laughing:


:joy: my I ask where? I used to live in the UK

Check out essoreria is on a whole nother level!

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Reading. About 35 miles west of London.

And WOW, your town is stunning

Ahh the infamous festival town :joy:

You’ve got to visit! There’s so much more than street view show

I can hear the festival from my house :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’ve only seen it on the news when it goes wrong :joy:

Hi @majanomad
I saw a lot of comments where you try to figure out what to nominate in your area.
I must gesture that I lost the overview and you may forgive, if my comment don’t hit your topic right :hugs:

I don’t think that you have to difference in rich and poor wayspots. Also the gated communities could give YOU the chance to nominate AND reach.
I remembered of this post:

It is really loooooong, but round about comment 165 it gets interesting for you!
A gated community have mostly … gates :partying_face:
With a sign (the ML, niantic and at least reviewers looooooove signs).
If you nominate this soulless hotsh1t spots, at the entrance sign… everything is fine.

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Haha my house has a gate then it’s gated community :joy:

But your very right the entrance is reachable by everyone all you got to check is that it’s safe for pedestrians.

But still unless there’s some art of something it’s just a generic biz

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A hotel can sometimes be a place to socialise or explore too. Even for local people.

There’s one near me that is a big brand, but it has an event hall which they use to host shows and concerts. They also have a particularly nice coffee shop with really lovely views out to the river, so I think its a good place to be social. It also has a very cool sculpture/water feature in the front near the entrance - right by the road and pavement, so everyone can reach that regardless of if you’re a hotel guest. Anyone can use the coffee shop too, luckily.

Artwork is also cool, decorative fountains or nice gardens can work, and may be reachable without going inside. I guess it depends on the location for everything.

I do think hotels vary a lot from country to country. I remember going to Las Vegas and realising that the hotels there are actually tourist attractions in their own right, and people are expected to just wander inside and look around! Not all hotels in the UK are like that. So that was a surprise

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Yeah that’s got local value but in most of the world hotels are closed to the locals and they tell the tourist that outside is dangerous

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I think I have you to thanks for this

Just wish I was still there, still that random guy I never meet that would take out my gym must be very happy I have doubled the game play for her

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I dont recall seeing that one, but maybe because I reviewed some other things it helped you get a decision there. Im glad!!

Yeah but now the hostel where I’m staying is in voting! Do I stay around hopefully…

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