The local hostel\bacpackers

What’s the oppion on the cheap town hostel?

We have so many fancy hotels it seems only right to include other options that have more soul.

If you can show its a good place to socialise or explore then it has a chance.

A common room or cafe there could be good

Do you have any information about the place, for example if they have a noticeboard about things to do in the area, if tours pick people up from there to travel to sights, etc?

Most have been there decades and have tens of thousands of people pass though a year, they are extremely social.

If you can add some generic building built yesterday because it calls it’s self a church then why not some where actually important to many more people?

I agree that it should have a chance. We can help you with the nomination if you want?

You reviewing for maroco? If you see a hostel in Arabic in essoreria that’s me :grin:

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No my bonus is currently set to the north of Scotland. I have moroccan friends though, maybe I should see if I can change my bonus area.

Which area should I select? I dont mind helping review there :yellow_heart:

I think anywhere in the country though if you pick near a border you might get more than one county

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I’m now seeing Moroccan reviews, so fingers crossed. Its unlikely Ill get to many of yours, but at least the ones I do review will mean the queue lessens and yours can come to the top :yellow_heart:

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You are my hero! Enjoy all the amazing things this country has

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Already seen some gorgous murals :yellow_heart:

Your going to make a lot of people very happy

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Had this to review
Then a little later, it is on the map for a different review.
I hope that means I helped to accept it - its lovely!

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Yes it does you where the last vote :sun_with_face:


So many english edits :laughing::laughing: but I at least got to see a few from Morocco. I’ll try to keep reviewing more regularly to help out.

Yeah, would be nice if they translate them, btw the new official language here is Arabic and Berber

Luckily I’m using chrome, and there is a function to translate the page, so I can read it in English :yellow_heart:

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But the Arabic it’s so cool and the Berber is so so weird

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Yeah, Ive heard! My friends from Morocco, competitive Pokemon Go players mentioned it!

They are in the larger cities so I didn’t realise about the extent of the issues for you guys. They always had plenty of waypoints.

In the UK there are lots of little villages that have nothing or very little too, but here we have a lot more reviewers so there is help available to those areas if something does get submitted. I’ve noticed some big changes over the years with these rural villages. Hopefully if we can get a few more things reviewed for you, it’ll help more people stay interested long enough to level up, and new items appearing in games might also inspire more people into wayfarer :yellow_heart:

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Hi guys. I love to see community members willing to help each other out. But let’s remember not to cross the line into asking for votes on specific nominations. General conversarion is encouraged. And even helping to improve submissions is great. But telling which nominations to look for during review crosses the line.

I would love to see Morocco one day but i doubt i ever will.