The pokestops I'm given to review aren't local

I live in the west of Kong Kong Island. And yet very few of the submissions I’m given to review are on Hong Kong Island, most of them aren’t even in Hong Kong at all.

Yeah, that’s how the system works. You will see a mixture of things from your play area, your home area, your bonus area, and things from within the national borders of your country. If there aren’t many things from your play area, you’ll get more from the other areas.

One day this week, i saw probably 60% from my play area. But then another day, i saw maybe 30%. It just depends on what has queued up.

Except most aren’t in the “national borders of my country” i.e. Hong Kong.

I honestly don’t know how Hong Kong is coded. It may be coded as part of mainland China. For example, I’m in the mainland US and i see submissions from Guam because it is part of our national borders even though it’s much closer physically to you.

Hong Kong is too small, the range where reviews are drawn from exceeds Hong Kong borders by a lot, that’s why for HK reviewers a big amount is actually China for review. It is not coded as Mainland China though.