They accepted my proposal, but

Some time ago they accepted my pokestop proposal, but it did not appear on the map.

I saw that the location was not the right one, and I came to write to know if you could help me to know why it has not appeared on the map, and if it has to do with any problem in the location.

Correct coordinates: 19.344644, -99.362479

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I cannot see anything at or near the coordinates you provided.

You said that’s the ‘correct coordinates’ so that is not where it was submitted?

What where the coordinates when you submitted it? This should be on the email you received.

I checked in my mail, but it does not add the coordinates.

I have a screenshot of my proposal.

It’s okay. I found it.

It was approved 17th April 2023 at 19.344675,-99.362463.

It was then retired 25th April 2023.

I don’t know why it didn’t appear in Pokemon Go at the time, or why it was retired.

Well, I’m feeling a bit confused now.

What should I do?

If you feel like the Wayspot should not have been retired and didn’t meet any of the removal criteria (e.g. it exists, it is permanent, it is not on the external wall of a private residential property or a school, etc) then you could post an appeal requesting it be reinstated. Wayspot Appeals - Niantic Wayfarer

Very probably it was at the external wall of a PRP and someone reported it. I checked Google Maps and it seems to be for that reason.