This art installation isn't temporary--why do reviewers say it is?

Niantic Note:
Thanks for the appeal, Explorer! The object in question does not meet the Wayfarer criteria as it is temporary.

Rejection Criteria
Temporary/Seasonal or Not Distinct
Other Rejection Criteria

Cicada Parade-a Artwork

This cicada art installation was done to commemorate the local cicada uprising in 2021 (Cicada Brood X). Billions of cicadas emerged from the ground after being dormant underground for 17 years.

Supplemental information:
This is in a very safe park, the 26th Street Green, which has its own Pokestop. The street corridor is closed off to vehicle traffic and has been replaced with planters and open space for gatherings.

approx. lat 39.31953 N, long 76.61316 W

My Appeal information:
(1) This is not seasonal. It’s a PERMANENT INSTALLATION. I simply noted in my submission when, and for what occasion, it was installed. (2) This is not a private residence. It is a PUBLIC PARK, called the 26th Street Green which already has a Pokestop and which is run by the Charles Village neighborhood association in conjunction with Baltimore City. (In my original supplemental photo, I tried hard to picture the whole park/green area plus the cicadas, which are meant to blend in naturally, but it is hard to get it all in one photo.)

I just don’t understand how Niantic Wayfarer reviewers insist on this being a temporary installation when it’s been up for 3+ years and has no signs of being removed. Was it because I included TOO MUCH information (i.e., the date of its install?). I live in the area and am a member of the neighborhood association that put this up. It is not temporary/seasonal.

Is that a sign just underneath it on the tree? If so, you might want to try to get that in the picture as well if it shows that the art is indeed permanent. I think what people are seeing is that it looks like someone just hung it in the tree which is not a typical place for art to be permanently placed. Additional evidence of permanence would really help

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That is amazing.
I just looked up the current site:
Which 2024 looks to be focused in the Chicago area fundraising for The Insect Asylum and the sculptures have yet to emerge.

Whereas it started in Baltimore in 2021 -
I think including this link would help your nomination. It is difficult for this part as the road was closed to create a green space. Which is not on streetview, although you can see the closure on the main road. But…just wait and look at the interactive map!

Also it appears they don’t have a sign but a cicada sticker nearby. The coolest feature is a map that is interactive and shows locations and information about the artist. I think including the website and more information on who is the artist is important.

There are 4 located in 26th Street Green

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