Tips on accepting surgical center nomination

I’m trying to nominate a waiting room area for a surgical center and hospital. I nominated once and understand why it was rejected because it was in the parking lot, but I saw a waiting area is okay.

Many other hospitals are stops, so I’m curious as to whether the rules have changed. No emergency bays are in the picture. The emails I have received do not say why it was rejected. Can I get any tips as to how I can get this approved?

I did not keep screenshots but the title was the name of the hospital. Description stated what procedures it specializes in. In the extra detail for the voters was that it was in the waiting room and would be beneficial for those waiting and for the patients having to stay overnight. The photos were of the name of the hospital and surroundings was the waiting room.

Don’t worry about what else you see in game. Tell the voters how THIS nomination is a great place for exercise, exploration, or being social. I cannot think of a way that a surgical center meets criteria on its own. I did get one accepted for artwork on the outside of the building

(The artwork was featured in all their news releases, but I could never find an artist’s name or I would have included that in the description.)

(Oh thanks for the reminder. I just found the artist! MARY CARTER TAUB)


Nearly all the Wayspots I’ve seen at hospitals/medical centers have been different works of art. Both indoors and outdoors nominations are fine as long as it doesn’t disrupt emergency services. I don’t think the rules have changed much, but I have the impression that it is a lot easier getting things approved at the moment. :thinking:


Hospitals and other medical centers are considered generic businesses, and I’ve never seen Wayspots that are specifically for a hospital/medical center, or any of the waiting rooms there. Some may have gotten through, but they don’t currently meet criteria.

Like previously noted, most Wayspots at hospitals are for other things that meet criteria. I see a lot of permanent art, hospital chapels, outdoor spaces like picnic areas/pavilions/gazebos, memorials to certain staff/patients (such as veterans or hospital volunteers), even Little Free Libraries in waiting rooms. These can all be submitted to be Wayspots, just as long as they don’t obstruct emergency services or any other part of a hospital that may be restricted (some children’s wards/floors may have stricter security to protect the underage patients).


Medical facilites are chock full of donor plaques. Go find one and nominate that. Ir maybe you’ll find a painting of a Board member or even a bust dedicated to a founder.


Just a gentle warning that this is one area I would hesitate to nominate a chapel. A chapel and art within it at a hospital, I would consider sensitive.

That said, most hospitals have numerous pieces of art, gardens, sculptures, and plaques that I think would be wonderful to explore.


Hospital chapels are open to the public visiting, so they aren’t sensitive locations. Anyone can visit the chapel at anytime, unlike a children’s ward/floor. Almost all hospitals note where the chapel is on directory signs so all can locate it.

I don’t disagree with the factualness of that. But consider who might be at a hospital chapel. Very concerned family and friends at a very stressful time in their lives. I would not assume that a hospital chapel has a regular community. Instead they have folks visiting that are at the hospital under non ideal conditions.

I’m not saying not to nominate or accept, but consider the context.


As someone who works at a hospital (without emergency services), our chapel is just about the only place thats off limits to gaming/gamers. People go to the chapel when they are in deep distress and need peace, quiet, and maybe even counseling. Our chapel has a sign saying that cell phone use is prohibited inside.