ML Review Hiccup and Automatic Appeals for Rejected Nominations - Discussion

Hi Explorers,

We recently discovered some technical issues with our Machine Learning system that may have affected some of your nominations between March 4th and March 22nd, 2024. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

The good news is, our team has identified all impacted nominations and will be automatically appealing them. This means you won’t need to use any of your own appeals on these nominations.

You’ll see the status of your nomination change to “Appealed” in your Contribution Management page if it qualified as one of the nominations wrongfully rejected by ML. While you won’t receive an email notification for the appeal being applied, you’ll definitely get an email with the final decision once the review is complete.

We appreciate your understanding and patience as we work through these appeals.


If we used appeals on these affected nominations will they be returned?

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Hi! I raised this concern because, as you, I consider is not fair for the people who spent one appeal for a ML rejection. However, it seems there is not a way to refund appeals at the moment, so maybe they will reward those people with other stuff. I know it won’t be as good as an appeal but is what we have at the moment.

Thank you @MegaTrainerRed.

@OldDirtyBard I have raised this to our team and will be sure to get the community and update.

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@NianticTintino Will the same be done for the mass rejection of edits that occurred on February 29, 2024? On that day, submitters around the world saw old and new Title, Description, Location, and Photo Edits all getting rejected in a span of a few hours. Will those edits be returned to the queue? Will they be reviewed by Niantic? Should we Appeal them? Should we resubmit them?


Thank you for being open about this and attempting to resolve this issue fairly. Its good to see clarity and communication slowly improving.


There is a new option in help chat to appeal those which is unfortunately the best option for now.

I would also find it better to give those to Nia Reviewers.

I sometimes forget how on the ball you all are. Thank you for repping us.


While I understand and appreciate that option, this was a mistake on Niantic’s part. Not mine. While many people only had a few edits rejected, several us had lots of edits rejected. In my case, I had 47 edits rejected. In order for me to Appeal every single edit, I now have to try to figure out where each edit was made and spend considerable amount of time to research each edit. This becomes extremely difficult because we don’t have edits displayed on the Contribution Management Page and can’t easily look up where or what was edited. The edits rejected for me came from 2019 to 2024. So this all depends on if I have those original emails stored. Some of the title edits were correcting things titled “Art,” “Memorial Bench,” or “Utility Box Art.” Trying to search where those edits were made is extremely difficult. So what should be an “easy” solution becomes daunting and time consuming. It will take me several days just for me to appeal all 47 edits. If I’m going to devout that much of my limited free time to do, then I’d like an official statement by Niantic that they will do nothing about this and this is my only option before I start doing this. By the way, this has nothing to do with you Kawin or your helpful suggestion, I appreciate your hard work and all your efforts as an Ambassador. I’m just being salty that I spent years making helpful edits and I just watched all that hard work rejected. I’m disheartened at the prospect of wasting more hours of my life to fix something that should’ve been fixed years ago. Five years for AI just to wipe out my efforts in a few hours. It’s saddening.


The worst thing about the current review by ML is not so much the erroneous rejection of good POIs, but the fact that the editorial review process is not working at all.
I don’t know if Emily doesn’t understand non-English or non-1-byte languages, but when it comes to wayspot editing in Japan, she prefers existing incorrect titles and blank/wrong descriptions even when more correct titles and descriptions are submitted.
I can give you specific examples if you want to address these without ignoring them, but Emily is TOO SMART than a 5 year old in this regard.
And this problem has not been corrected to date.

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So this is a good thing, but some of us are still in the dark as to whether it was Emily that rejected some of our nominations due to the rejection email messaging being all over the place :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Can I add this picnic area to your list. It’s not a generic business and an area to socialise. :man_facepalming:t2:

As NianticTintino stated in the initial post, auto-appeals only apply to certain impacted nominations between March 4th and March 22nd, 2024. Your screenshot indicates that you submitted the rejected POI on April 17th, 2024. Therefore, this is not the right forum to be appealing this POI decision – you can go through the standard appeal system in Wayfarer.

But there is nothing wrong with that nomination. I shouldn’t have too be using an appeal on that. Considering “their team” reviewed the appeal team aren’t going to be much help. They have overturned incorrect decisions in here before.

@PeteC303, are you saying that you have already appealed that nomination and it’s been rejected on appeal? Regardless, this isn’t the right thread to be lobbying for specific appeals.

i think the ones they have overturned have been standalone posts. i doubt they will see this posted here. try something like this if you want this noticed: Niantic In Voting rejection

No it was rejected (wrongly) by the robot. I have commented many times on similar threads and they have still overturned the decision. I know this isn’t an appeals thread but I am highlighting yet another incorrect AI rejection which this thread seems to be alluding too so you telling me this isn’t the place is just irrelevant to me. I’m just like meh :man_shrugging:t2:

I currently have a nomination they have placed into appeal for me. The same nomination happens to be currently in community voting for weeks.

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Will do.

Hi Niantic, appreciate the general sense of trying to correct something. But if something is appealed, and it was already resubmitted as a new submission, what will happen to the appeal if it gets rejected yet the other new submission for the same was already approved?

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It’ll become as duplicated, if the resubmition it’s aproved. In the inverse case , the resubmition will be Duplicated. In the appeal gets rejected, the resubmition it’s a new voting, so can be acepted or rejected. In this case there aren´t a warranty to be accepted.

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