Tree rejected why?

Please provide:

Wayspot Submission for Tilleul de la Liberté


Planté le 21 03 1989

“Wayfarer criteria”

Is tree not allowed in wayfarer criteria now ? ive see a lot of them

Does your email say “our team” found? If so, this was an ai decision by the ML model. I don’t think it could recognize anything eligible in that photo.

If you still feel this is eligible, you can either try to submit again with a more centered photo with more focus on the sign and less grassy area, or appeal. I like to take my photos before I start my nomination, then look at them in my gallery. You can crop to square or straighten or make minor adjustments there. Then when I make the nomination, I use the existing photo option. Or you get 2 appeals every 20 days now.

I can’t read the plaque in your photo, so I am not sure if it is the informative kind that makes a good Wayspot or the purchased memorial kind that does not.


Oh thx i didn’t know you can take photo before and crop it .
Yes it “our team”
Im gonna try with crop photo of the plaque thx :slight_smile:

Let us know what happens. Sometimes once the ML has rejected a nomination once, you might get a really quick rejection, and that email can read “the community” so if that happens you might have to appeal. But other times with a really nice photo the ML can approve, it can either be approved or go into other voting.

I put another poi in the cell the same day and “our team” accept the other one so i guess it’s useless now to put the tree