Trying to determine if my stop is within the same S2 cell as another one

Hello everyone, I have a stop that was accepted about a week ago and I know there are some stops near me, but I can’t determine if they’re within the same S2 cell as the others. Can anyone help me figure out how to verify that?

Mones Hawley Memorial Plaque

38.93382259732168, -77.08372769335583

It’s not.

I don’t think accepted Wayspots are synching at the moment though which may be the reason for it not showing.

IITC will show the majority of Wayspots on the map.

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Ah okay, mine only got approved on the 23rd. I thought it was approved earlier, but I was mistaken. Thanks!

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Hi! There has been a general sync error over the last week or so. Ingress finally just synced a short while ago, hopefully GO will follow soon. So hopefully you should see your Pokéstop within the next 24 hours.


Hopefully! Thanks for the reply. Fingers crossed

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I see it on the intel.ingress map! Woo!

From my understanding, the PoGo sync occurs in roughly 2 hours from now?

I think within the next hour or two, if I remember correctly, but the exact time is hard to predict.