Why is it not approved

  • Brug over de sloot (bridge over the ditch )
    , 51.863627,4.619283

So many bridges are pokestops why this pedestrian walking bridge not?

As you can see it is in a park where you can walk relax sit and its close to the tiny forest pokestop would be nice to have more pokestops in a green park where you only may walk

Can you add all the other things it asks for please? Rejection reason(s), your title, description, the supplemental information you added to the nom?


Like this? Thanks

Whilst bridges were not specifically mentioned in the recent re-clarifications, it’s important to pay attention to this bit as you mentioned you saw other things as PokéStops.

What makes this bridge in particular stand out amongst others in the area and means it’s a great place for exploration/exercise/being social with others?

Yes there walk a lot peoplewhit dogs, or parents go whit childeren to the tiny forest thats in the park its the only green area closeby, a lot of sport fishers, and just people that go for a walk, most pokestops and gyms are in front of houses or shops or in the middle in the road, only in some playground you can sit and fight a gym.or do a raid,whit a small group in the park there is enough space to raid whit bigger groups, and its nicer to walk in the park follow the water till the end till you are in the big park, only 1 road crossing, but now you need to walk from house to house to little playgrounds in between whit a lot of road crossings, thats why i try to get the bridges in to the pokemon world so you can walk in the park instead of only streets whit houses and small.walking areas with roads where cars drive on, its safer to walk, safe location, ad end of prak is special crossing wegversmalling where kids and adults can cross safe the road so they can walk across the water to the big park and sportcomplex in the oosterpark, its always from playground to playground would be nice to can also walk from park to park whit some stops and gyms on the way

Maybe this needs fixing? I don’t know if they were ever clarified on the old forum, but they certainly were during the Ingress AMA days.

I’m sure it’s one that’ll be up for consideration for any further criteria clarifications.

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