Two weights and two measures! Cooper Standard

When submitting a Wayspot Appeal, make sure to include as much of the following information as possible:

I made the request as per the data provided, but it was denied.

I made this request based on the following wayspot “Seka Araquari” Link: Ingress

Now I’m wondering, why Seka araquari’s nomination was accepted and mine rejected, or are both valid or invalid. Niantic, I ask that my nomination be reviewed and that it be accepted, if it does not meet the criteria, I ask that the other one be excluded.

You cannot appeal rejected nominations on the forum. You need to use the appeal button within wayfarer itself. You also shouldn’t use what already exists in game as a standard for what is and isn’t eligible, as criteria change over time.

That being said, neither of these locations look like ideal wayspot candidates to me. They don’t look like great places to socialise, exercise or explore, which they’d need to be at least one of those things to be eligible, and on top of that, they look like they should fall under the generic business rejection criteria.


Agree, both of these locations seem to be generic businesses, and even if yours was appealed via Contribution Management, I think Niantic would reject the appeal. I am also thinking that your rejection email said “our team” rejected it, which means that the ML/AI rejected it, not the community.

It’s possible that someone was able to sneak the nomination for Seka through the community and get it approved. Being it’s SEKALOG Transportes per Google Maps, it doesn’t meet criteria at all, being a transportation business. Here’s the address, if anyone is wondering:

BR-280, 111 - KM 34 - Itinga, Araquari - SC, 89245-000, Brazil

I would highly recommned reviewing Wayfarer criteria to refresh yourself as to what is and isn’t eligible. You can find more information here:

There is also clarification on generic businesses here:

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