Unresolved location edit syncing issue in Pokemon Go since May 27th

I know this has been touched on in another thread, but I feel like it isn’t getting the attention that it should be, so I’m starting this thread for people who want to include their examples. There are many location edits that got approved around May 26-27 that never fully synced into Pokemon Go. They did sync to Ingress, along with the “New PokeStop” pinning map, but in Pokemon Go the Wayspots are still in their original inaccurate locations. I have several examples in my city that I will post below, along with a screenshot from the “VIEW IN MAP” pop-up displaying the Pokemon Go coordinates as proof. I didn’t include Ingress screenshots because the coordinates can be looked up on that Lightship map and the Ingress Intel map.

Wayspot: Wounded Veterans Memorial
Correct new location in Ingress: 46.818217,-100.780853
Incorrect old location in Pokemon Go: 46.81804,-100.78079

Wayspot: Rock’n 50’s Cafe
Correct new location in Ingress: 46.836192,-100.775787
Incorrect old location in Pokemon Go: 46.83612,-100.77586

This one up above is important because it opened up a cell that has two other Wayspots in it (“Shogun Japanese Steak House” and “Sakura”) and the move should have caused an additional PokeStop to go live, but the move didn’t happen. The new location is correct if you look at the Ingress coordinates in Google. The pin is now on the area where the restaurant sign is located, rather than at the mall entrance.

Wayspot: Schafer Hall and Sidney J. Lee Auditorium
Correct new location in Ingress: 46.821152,-100.816663
Incorrect old location in Pokemon Go: 46.82110,-100.81680

And now for something completely different. The following Wayspot underwent a location edit over a year ago, and in this case the Pokemon Go location is correct and the Ingress/New PokeStop pinning map location is incorrect. The pin was originally on the road, but somehow got moved to a different spot in each game…

Wayspot: North Dakota Heritage Center & State Museum
Correct location in Pokemon Go: 46.81951,-100.77774
Incorrect location in Ingress: 46.819581,-100.778228

I’m not sure what needs to happen to fully sync these new location edits into Pokemon Go, but these edits should have gone live either on May 27th or May 28th, depending on when they were approved. At first I dismissed it because of the major events taking place in both Ingress and Pokemon Go, but when those events were over and nothing was happening, I grew concerned. In another thread someone tagged NianticAaron about this problem and he said he’d pass it on to have it looked at, but I haven’t seen an update. I really don’t want to have to drive around town and look at over 1000 Wayspots to see if anything else is out of sync, but if nothing changes this worldwide problem, I just might have to, at least to get my local Wayspots fixed if anything.

The first 3 Wayspots in Lightship are at the locations for Ingress, so for those with PoGo, it’s most likely a sync issue with that game. There is already an ongoing thread for sync issues here:

As for the last one, in Lightship, it is at 46.819581,-100.778228. It’s possible that another Wayfarer may have suggested a location edit to be on the building, not the sign, as that is typically preferred, albeit the entrance is usually the best location. The main photo also shows both the sign and the northeast corner of the building, which may be another reason why it’s currently where it is. Therefore, the pin in PoGo is showing the correct location according to Lightship, so another location edit may need to be done. There is a sidewalk by the sign, so it can be accessed by pedestrians.

Yeah that thread was a combo of a lot of issues that have since been resolved, but this one is affecting location edits only.

I had tried putting in a location edit a few weeks ago for the Heritage Center Wayspot just to see what would happen, but got this message…

Today I tried it again and it actually let me submit one. So I guess we’ll see what happens. If the edit goes through, I’m hoping it re-syncs both games together. Location is still accurate.

I keep a personal map and spreadsheet of every Wayspot in my surrounding area, so having them be the same in both games is absolutely ideal.