Wayspot visiable only in geospatitial map

Hello @NianticTintino

I’ve done a Nomination for an Wayspot

„ Sandstone Rose“

Industriestraße 46, 79194 Gundelfingen, Deutschland

48.047591, 7.859802

It was marked as Duplicate but it’s not in any game.
Rules for Pokémon and Ingress are fine
An older nomimation done by Wayfarer App is on the geospattian map
But was never synced to any game

Is there any chance to get it to the games?

Nominations that were submitted through the wayfarer app generally aren’t eligible to sync across to any of Niantic’s games, so if it was originally submitted through the app, that’s why it doesn’t appear in any games, and that is apparently intended behaviour as we aren’t meant to submit things through that app.

I’m actually amazed that even got accepted though. That is a very generic wall design. We have several walls in my town in the UK that have that exact design, and you can buy those bricks at some garden stores.

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Yes and now it’s a duplicate for the games forever?

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So far as we know, yes.

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Yep I have 3 stuck in this limbo state.

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I personally got frustrated with a nomination I tried to submit here on Manhattan, Kansas. It was a wall art piece and me being ignorant thinking all accepted waypoints appear in Ingress and not always Pokemon go, and not seeing it on the IITC-Mobile app or in person as a waypoint, I thought there was a group of reviewers purposely rejecting my nomination as a duplicate. Another agent informed me that I should look on the wayfarer app. Surprise surprise there it was, already nominated but not accepted in Ingress at least, as far as I knew.

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